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24/09/2009 My Conceptual Framework on Climate Change
25/09/2009 Do We Need Global Warming to Think Green?
29/09/2009 Science and Politics
12/10/2009 What’s obstructing the Copenhagen deal?
14/10/2009 Is Marina Silva a good deal?
14/10/2009 Something is rotten in the state of COP15
15/10/2009 350 - yes we can!
19/10/2009 Are we number one meat eaters, and does it matter?
20/10/2009 Give your politicians a reason to act…
20/10/2009 India changes stance to push for a global deal at Copenhagen
24/10/2009 Blaž Mazi, Dnevnik: “Politicians take COP15 as a show and show must go on…”
26/10/2009 Young Brazilians discuss sustainability on Climate Action Day
31/10/2009 Jernej Stritih, director of the government office for climate change
02/11/2009 Climate change policy in Latvia! Part 3: Increasing share of RES?
04/11/2009 One sentence: A step of an ant
04/11/2009 The State of the World
06/11/2009 Energy and Climate Change on Prince Edward Island: Hon. Richard Brown
08/11/2009 A history of skepticism: Bjørn Lomborg
11/11/2009 The green Greenland?
14/11/2009 We Are Powerless to Stop Climate Change
18/11/2009 180 Austrian schoolchildren demand action from politicians
18/11/2009 I’m tired of my elected representatives’ blatant disregard for the dangers posed by global warming.
20/11/2009 What Jared Diamond says about climate change
27/11/2009 Danish minister, COP15 host Connie Hedegaard appointed EU Commissioner for the Climate
07/12/2009 On hope, climate change and our efforts in the COP15
14/12/2009 The state of COP15 increasingly rotten: Secrets about the “Danish text”, the mass arrests and more
20/12/2009 COP15: A historic failure
14/01/2010 Danish prime minister grilled on COP15
26/01/2010 Danish parliament evaluating COP15

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