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26/09/2009 Simple Ideas that Make Sense: Loops on Towels
05/10/2009 New Human Development Report Focuses on Migration
07/10/2009 €50 Billion Needed for Low-Carbon Energy Research
11/10/2009 Hermann Scheer: “100% renewable energy is necessary and possibe!”
11/10/2009 There’s no such thing as “clean coal”!
17/10/2009 Alternative energies play minor role in Russia
20/10/2009 Sustainability gets cool
21/10/2009 A passive house from Austria for the Winter Olympic Games
22/10/2009 Romania on the road to Copenhagen
26/10/2009 Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Breaking the ‘Circle of Blame’ in Romania.
28/10/2009 To burn or not to burn - the recycling/incineration question
30/10/2009 Notes from The Last Time: The Architect and The Ark
31/10/2009 Notes from The Last Time: Andy Wells and The Institute of Man and Resources
01/11/2009 Sun Paulo - what if all Sao Paulo adopt solar panels?
03/11/2009 Notes from The Last Time: Kirk Brown and the Institute of Man and Resources
03/11/2009 Prince Edward Island Office of Energy Efficiency
04/11/2009 Design with Energy in Mind: Jean Canfield Building
05/11/2009 85% of what?
13/11/2009 A Short Lesson In Mathematics
13/11/2009 RENEXPO South-East Europe
14/11/2009 An Idea To Serbian Architects, Builders And Ordinary Citizens
17/11/2009 Let The Wind Blow!
19/11/2009 We can’t say that “Big Oil” didn’t tell us
21/11/2009 Pick up the November issue of Scientific American
03/12/2009 40% reduction possible - only political will is lacking
03/12/2009 Solar Energy For Vojvodina
06/12/2009 Windmills in Serbia
10/12/2009 Meet the Lobbies: Electricity and Gas
12/12/2009 Black oil fuel instead of gas
13/12/2009 Learning from Failed Micro-Wind Turbines: Becton Wind Turbine Followup

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