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23/09/2009 Global Premiere of ‘The Age of Stupid’ - Start of Joint COP15-Campaign Efforts
04/10/2009 Do we really understand HOME?
06/10/2009 Welcome to Hopenhagen
07/10/2009 Will love inspire people into fighting for climate justice?
14/10/2009 Something is rotten in the state of COP15
16/10/2009 Climate Change. Studies and Resources.
17/10/2009 A Vicious Circle
20/10/2009 Th!nk about it Journal - Day Zero
22/10/2009 Romania on the road to Copenhagen
24/10/2009 Blaž Mazi, Dnevnik: “Politicians take COP15 as a show and show must go on…”
29/10/2009 Thoughts on My Bike
31/10/2009 Critical Mass
31/10/2009 Survey: 9 in 10 world citizens wants deal to cut CO2 emissions by more than 25% urgently
31/10/2009 COP15 Priority number one
02/11/2009 Copenhagen: A ‘make-up’ for the Earth - Is it Time for young people to get ANGRY?
02/11/2009 Cabinet Meetings: Under Water and on top of Mountains
02/11/2009 Look at it! Take it visible!
03/11/2009 What Moscow says ..
03/11/2009 The COP15, the money, the oil, the lithium
04/11/2009 One sentence: A step of an ant
04/11/2009 Climate Change: Are they doing enough?
06/11/2009 Every Drop Counts
08/11/2009 Seven steps to becoming an UNFCCC expert
09/11/2009 Maldives Minister answering questions about COP15 on Skype
11/11/2009 History is your teacher
12/11/2009 Would you cross the street if you had 50% chance to survive?
13/11/2009 “Yawn, more baseless alarmism” - this time from China and Denmark
15/11/2009 Its over before it starts?
15/11/2009 Upsides of the COP15 failure?
16/11/2009 COP15 Failure: The Alternative. Chapter II.

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