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11/04/2013 Should the U.S. Subsidize Fossil Fuel Companies?
14/10/2012 Who’s Responsible for High Gas Prices?
07/09/2012 Petition: Congressman Lucas, Protect Our Food Supply
06/08/2012 C-SPAN Video: Sen. Bernie Sanders quotes “Greatest Hoax” Book Review in Debate with Senator Inhofe
02/08/2012 Is Climate ChangeThreatening Our Food Supply?
04/06/2012 George Will’s War on Regulations
10/04/2012 Book Review : Resisting the Green Dragon
26/03/2012 Gaming the Peer Review System, Part III: A Hostile Takeover
21/03/2012 The Greatest Hoax by Sen. James Inhofe
08/02/2012 Congressman John Sullivan’s Town Hall Meeting II
17/09/2011 Denmark’s new government more green than red
19/08/2011 Global Warming: Media Bias and the Misinformation Pipeline
15/08/2011 Sen. Inhofe and the Three, Maybe Four, Polar Bears
14/05/2011 Challenge Europe > Denmark 2025 / Concito / Grundfos
10/05/2011 Global Warming Is Not a Hoax
17/03/2011 The Problem with Coal and Politicians
19/02/2011 Once Upon a Time, Republicans Were Conservatives
10/02/2011 Please Mind the Gap
10/01/2011 US Congress Fights Clean Air
06/01/2011 Environmental Focused Green EU Presidency from Today
02/01/2011 Who saves the faithless pagans from the “Green Dragon”?
26/12/2010 12 ideas to recycle Christmas waste
22/12/2010 Spilled water, wasted funds? – A special look at a special EU Court of Auditors report
17/12/2010 100 billion USD for climate? Empty promises
17/12/2010 Romania is a small Poland
16/12/2010 Obtaining a New Kyoto is Geo-politically Impossible
16/12/2010 China Remains a Mystery in Cancun
16/12/2010 A Panacea for UN Climate Change Financing
15/12/2010 The Global Warming Debate and Media Bias
15/12/2010 COP16 TH!NK Pictures Cancun through my eyes

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