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01/04/2012 The Skeptic’s Guide to the Medieval Warm Period
01/01/2011 Science, Global Warming, and the Ice Age Mystery
10/12/2010 Gobal Warming’s Subtle Changes
02/12/2010 Climate Call to Julian Assange
24/11/2010 A good example has twice the value of a good advice
10/11/2010 Great synergy between today’s Onion and 1956 science vinyl
01/11/2010 Climate Change in a Secular Society : A Replacement For Religion?
01/11/2010 Climate Change - Whatever You Need to Know and Show
30/10/2010 an open letter to man from mother earth
30/10/2010 The walking god
26/10/2010 Why Global Warming Is a Bitch
24/10/2010 Climate Change is NO Chuck Norris
17/10/2010 Science, Polar Bears, and the “Coming Ice Age” Story
14/10/2010 Don’t Call Me Names
05/10/2010 How I Got My Crazy Ideas!
03/12/2009 The Old Woman of Hvalsey
03/12/2009 25 years of Denial.
25/11/2009 47 years back, Exxon predicted the melting of glaciers.
23/11/2009 Ozone Layer Depletion
18/11/2009 Climate change or climate manipulation?
17/11/2009 Protocols on Environment Part 2
15/11/2009 Are we the Nazca of the 21st century?
13/11/2009 Acid Rains
13/11/2009 Two actors in Global Environment Policies Part 2: Banks
11/11/2009 Two actors in Global Environment Policies Part 1: Multinational Corporations
08/11/2009 What does GREEN mean to me? (Dictionary)
07/11/2009 Evolution of NGO’s
02/11/2009 The greenhouse effect is caused by boredom
28/10/2009 A Quiz ... About Facts ...
27/10/2009 Young Kaingang indigenous artist’s views on Climate Change

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