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23/01/2012 Bucharest Riots: Romanian Civil Society Has Revendications with Environmental Twists
20/10/2011 How are you Europe? Can you recover?
06/10/2011 LAST EXIT DURBAN | A Climate Change Short Movie demands sincere Promises
27/09/2011 Road to Durban: Long Journey Across Green Cities
01/03/2011 Our Opportunity in Climate Change
12/01/2011 REDD, REDD+, REDD++
10/01/2011 The alchemy in the climate changes?
07/01/2011 “Animals United”: A grate film, not only for childrens..!
04/01/2011 In the absence of common sense, the law about plastic bags in Spain
26/12/2010 The European Environment (State and Outlook Report 2010)
21/12/2010 He is Able Who Think He is Able
19/12/2010 Cancun: a timid step that restores “trust in multilateralism” (Journal “Le Monde”
14/12/2010 Cancún: a relief? Hardly
13/12/2010 Conference by the Minister of the Environment in Italy and the Governments of the Pacific Islands
11/12/2010 COP16. Migration as Adaptation
10/12/2010 Signed an Accord between Italy and Costa Rica for the Climate Change
10/12/2010 AYCC: The final hours in Cancun
10/12/2010 The Italian Minister of Environment in the COP16 a Cancun
10/12/2010 EUrocLIMA – the socio-economic impacts of Climate Change in Latin America
10/12/2010 Initiatives on Climate Change by the EU (delegation in Mexico)
10/12/2010 Youth Call for Climate Justice through Science – based Emission Reductions in Interactive Demonstr
10/12/2010 International Year of Forests at 2011
08/12/2010 Civil Society is essential for success of COP16
08/12/2010 Women’s and Climate Change, it’s possible?
07/12/2010 COP 16
07/12/2010 World woman leaders talked about Climate Change in Cancun Mexic
05/12/2010 Planted, Reward Yourself!
03/12/2010 Warranty collapse on the COP16? Narration of three Italians who are already in Cancun!
29/11/2010 The BP Oil Spill, and the one in China, and the rest of them we didn’t hear about
24/11/2010 COP16 All Talk And No Action…Again?

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