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21/01/2013 Global Warming: The Role of Water Vapor
06/01/2011 Flying Green - Air Transport’s Battle with Climate Change
21/12/2010 The Only Real and Genuine Solution to Battle Climate Change
21/12/2010 Balancing Point
11/12/2010 COP 16 on Carbon Trading. ETS Leading the Way
09/12/2010 Trenitalia Getting Greener?
02/12/2010 The Fossil Fuel Dilema
02/12/2010 Realistic expectations for the COP16 at Cancun
25/11/2010 Declaration of Independence
25/11/2010 Food For Thought Before Cancun
21/11/2010 ROADMAP 2050 (Climatic Project by European Climate Foundation)
16/11/2010 Environmental concern raised as oil and gas exploration intensify in Ghana
09/11/2010 Biofuels will generate the next comercial war
02/11/2010 Ghana reviews environmental laws in the wake of climate change
02/11/2010 Changing Our Urban Spaces
01/11/2010 Climate Change and Social Responsibility
01/11/2010 Carbon capture and storage – Is it really a cost-effective solution?
01/11/2010 Al Gore book “Aninconvenient truth” – a new religion for naives?
01/11/2010 Save Energy, Swith Off
31/10/2010 Change the bulb or change myself?
31/10/2010 When CDM credit does represent an “emission reduction
31/10/2010 Few Tips For CO2 Reduction
30/10/2010 Ghana in threshold to become energy hub in the Gulf of guinea-Bishop
29/10/2010 Europe and Us: Growing a Green Future
29/10/2010 Nuclear Energy in India- A boon or bane
28/10/2010 Thumbs up for Climate Change
28/10/2010 BlueEFFICIENCY by Mercedes-Benz
28/10/2010 Delbeke: Land-use change, the greatest flaw of Kyoto Protocol
27/10/2010 The road to Cancun starts in Brasilia
25/10/2010 Playing God: Can Geoengineering Solve the Climate Crisis?

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