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24/12/2010 Biodiversity Year Ends on a High Note as UN General Assembly
15/12/2010 7 Whales washed ashore in oil zone
10/12/2010 End New Jersey Bear Hunt!
24/11/2010 Clever „Concrete“ Bacteria Can Reduce Global Warming
15/11/2010 Climate Change & Creatures: Thousands of toads missing in north Ghana
02/11/2010 Tanzanian Elections May Result In Destruction Of Serengeti-Ecosystem
01/11/2010 Less Honey?  Fewer Bees And Climate Change.
31/10/2010 Bumblebees Can Teach Us How To Save Costs
31/10/2010 Answer To Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction? Coriander.
30/10/2010 Birds Are Disappearing
27/10/2010 Are Ravens Climate Change Messengers?
23/10/2010 Pakistan’s Turtle-Trade
19/10/2010 TheFrogisConnectedtotheAppleisConnectedtoYou
19/10/2010 The Miraculous Migration: Monarch Butterflies
13/10/2010 Climate Change And The Case Of The Aborted Duck
20/01/2010 Of Camels, Sahrawi and fossil-necklaces… or just a beautiful tale
13/01/2010 Climate Change in the Fork III – What? It’s not meat???
13/12/2009 Military exercises killed 5 whales
12/12/2009 How our diet damages the enviroment
10/12/2009 The Netherlands goes meatless!
20/11/2009 Is it the Green`s love or just a fat dog?
20/11/2009 Chinese diners eat deep fried fish that`s still alive in video
16/11/2009 Denmark cries in Sea of Blood, 950 Whales and Dolphins KILLED…
14/11/2009 Who speaks for them?
12/11/2009 Wildlife and human activity
11/11/2009 Time to Eat the Dog
01/11/2009 Green Monkey saves the Kids Day
26/10/2009 Green eugenics, euthanasia or extermination?
24/10/2009 Oliver and International Day of Climate Action
23/10/2009 Eat that dog! Tastes just like chicken.

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