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Young Umutina indian’s views on Climate Change

Published 27th October 2009 - 2 comments - 1228 views -

Luciano is a young Umutina indian, from Mato Grosso State, Brazil. Like other youngsters from all over the world, he is interested in studying and meeting new people, but he also dedicates himself to the traditional craftsmaking and indigenous people's issues. In his declaration about climate change we get to see his concerns on the theme of climate change.

"’s affecting very much our humanity and the most affected are us, the indigenous peoples, who have a direct relationship with nature."

Luciano's declaration on climate change:

So, climate change for us, for indigenous people in general, is causing a great impact, very bad, very bad impact, unabalancing for us our process of living with nature. We plant, right, and the rain does not fall at the right time. To burn, it’s not being like before, to slash & burn, to be able to plant. And, I know that it’s causing a total unbalance in nature, that things are changing. And it’s infringing, it’s doing us harm. I think that is what is happening all over of the world, because it is very precarious the situation of climate change, it’s affecting very much our humanity and the most affected are us, the indigenous peoples, who have a direct relationship with nature, that think there should be more care for us to continue, to have a healthy life, even oxygen, to have a good breathing. So, I think that’s it. The great wise men of the village, the great philosophers, they are looking into this and it’s good. We feel it’s changing.


This is part of a series of declarations by indigenous peoples from Brazil collected at the Indigenous Book Fair of Mato Grosso State/FLIMT (with my FLIP/Mino HD!), which took place on 6-11 of October. You will hear the opinions of indigenous holy men, women, writers, leaders, youngsters and elders on: What does Climate Change mean to you?

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Luciano's original declaration in portuguese:

Então, as mudanças climáticas para nós, para o povo indígena em geral, está causando um grande impacto, muito ruim, impacto muito ruim, desequilibra para nós o nosso processo de convivência com a natureza. Plantamos, não é, e a chuva não cai no tempo certo. Pra queimar, não tá mais sendo como antes, pra fazer a queimada, para fazer a roça. E, eu sei que está fazendo um desequilibro total dentro da natureza, as coisas todas tão mudando. E está infringindo, esta prejudicando nós. Acho que é isso que está percorrendo em toda a área do mundo, porque está muito precária a situação das mudanças climáticas, tá afetando muito a nossa humanidade e os mais prejudicados são os nossos povos indígenas que tem uma ligação direta com a natureza, que achamos que deveria ter mais cuidado pra a gente seguir, ter uma vida mais saudável, até mesmo o oxigênio, para ter uma respiração boa. Então, acho que é isso. Os grandes sábios da aldeia, os grandes filósofos eles estão vendo isso, esta sendo bom. A gente sente que está modificando.

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Daniel Nylin Nilsson on 27th October 2009:

These declarations really great. I love reading them! smile

Paul Montariol on 10th November 2009:

Thank you for this cultural enrichment!

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