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When media hype fails, use Hitler

Published 02nd December 2009 - 5 comments - 1172 views -

The Independent thinks this is where Hitler hangs outA British newspaper, The Independent, offers its readers a "Climate change special", titled "Twelve days to save the world". (Where have we seen that before?) But not content with Armageddon in less than a fortnight, the paper goes one better with "We face a threat as terrible as that posed by Hitler, says Johann Hari. Now we must rise to the challenge."

Ah, yes, Hitler. Approximately, the first hyperlink under this insane comparison is "Welcome to the age of extremes". What's so fitting is that the mainstream media, in a desperate bid to seem relevant, has moved from responsible journalism to extremism, from conscientious commentary to reckless cant. Bloggers have been accused of many things, but if a blogger here were to frame an argument around the climate debate with language such as "We face a threat as terrible as that posed by Hitler", she or he would be told to cool the language. And rightly so.   

 It is sad and it is troubling to see the newspaper business, once a trusted source of information and opinion, become an absurdity and an anachronism.

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Lara Smallman on 02nd December 2009:

Morning Eamonn. Great title for a post I have to say. This was really interesting and I had quite a lot to say in reponse so I’ve put a post up:

Federico Pistono on 03rd December 2009:

Reductio ad Hitlerum ( is widely used by ignorant people, especially creationists, particularly religious Christians, and Fox news.

Benno Hansen on 03rd December 2009:

How about “When Denialism fails, use Ku Klux Klan”.

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