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“There needs to be scepticism, everywhere, and much more of it.”

Published 04th December 2009 - 3 comments - 856 views -

Former Prime Minister of New Zealand and former director-general of the World Trade Organisation, Mike Moore, writing in today's Financial Times, notes that, "There needs to be scepticism, everywhere, and much more of it. After a long life in public affairs I have a rule of measurement: the sacred law of humour. If someone cannot laugh at the absurdities of life, I get nervous. The enemies of reason throughout history, convinced their way is the only way, usually end up burning books or killing sparrows. Even worse, they do not laugh or blush. Serious environmentalists need to be ready to laugh at their mistakes."

He also makes a very valuable point, one that some people here and many in Copenhagen next week should ponder: "What was silly is becoming sinister. Green ideology is becoming a theology. This new religion has many apostles, especially in the non-profit sector and the soft media. It is right and proper that politicians and businesspeople face a sceptical media who scrutinise them, hold them to account, and expose their flaws and contradictions. The same should apply to the green agenda, which is all too often accepted at face value because it claims to have the planet's interests at heart, unlike grubby politicians and greedy businesspeople."

 Yes. Those "Green Zealots need to get out more". 

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Lara Smallman on 04th December 2009:

Is Mike Moore related to Michael Moore by any chance?!

Eamonn Fitzgerald on 04th December 2009:

Well, Lara, after exhaustive research I have concluded that they are not the same person and neither are they related. In the end, it became apparent that one is a big fraud and the other isn’t.

Daniel Nylin Nilsson on 07th December 2009:

He is right of course. Should I take the quotatitons to be your own opininon also?

I think the reason that some kind of momentum has built around climate change is that the environmental movement have gone through decades of mockery and scrutiny from politicians and media. But that doesn’t change the realities on the ground.

This article is archived. Comments are closed.