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Published 22nd November 2009 - 3 comments - 1539 views -

There's an air-quality monitoring station on the roof of the US Embassy in Beijing, which continuously measures PM2.5 particle pollution (the concentration of particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter in the air). The station sends out a tweet every hour with the data along with an assessment of overall air quality as a one-word summary. And the quality of the air in Beijing? It ranges from Unhealthy to Very Unhealthy to Hazardous. Here's the latest data. Not very good at all, I'm afraid. But it's a brilliant use of Twitter, isn't it?


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Daniel Nylin Nilsson on 22nd November 2009:

Hardly surprising… one more reason to take action against environmental destruction and not just wait for markets to find their own solutions.

Adela on 22nd November 2009:

Yes, it is brilliant.
Just like @CERN & maybe other accounts I don’t know about, they keep the world posted.

Thanks for sharing!

Aija Vanaga on 22nd November 2009:

This is funny from one hand, but I do not want to be in Beijing ..

This article is archived. Comments are closed.