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Time to Eat the Dog

Published 11th November 2009 - 6 comments - 2904 views -

A dog is more harmful to the nature than a big car.

The New Scientist wrote that dogs and the food that they eat is very harmful ecologically thinking.


The Book written by reserchers Robert and Brenda Vale, Time to Eat the Dog – explains everything about it.


In this book ”The real guide to sustainable living”, they compare the ecological footprints of a menagerie of popular pets with those of various other lifestyle choices.

They calculated, that an average dog eats about 164 kilograms of meat and 95 kilograms of cereals in one year. I'm not saying this could not be the case.

Some pepole have stopped eating meat and even don't give any meat to their dogs, but they think a dog could easily be a vegetarian, and just fine with this kind of a diet. Most of the people doubt that a vegetarian diet would be good for a dog.


David Mackay, a physicist at the University of Cambridge and the UK government's new energy adviser believes we should put as much thought into choosing a pet as we do into buying a car. "If a lifestyle choice uses more than 1 per cent of your energy footprint, then it is worthwhile reflecting on that choice and seeing what you can do about it," he says.

And it seems that even a cat uses often more than that amount of anybody's energy footprint.

He can say what he wants but this is ridiculous.

I'm sure most of the people doesn't want to reflect on this and they take a pet anyway, because pets are familiymembers, they are important to us. Comparing a dog and a car is almost the same as comparing a dog and a human being. Atleast for me it is. Well, I guess some people won't have childeren just because it's bad for the climate.... Well, what can I say...

I'm not going to make every single lifestyle choice based on some calculations.

I have two dogs and they are one of the most important things for me in life, so should I give them to somebody else just to say that now I live ecologically? I don't think this would be a good thing to do.

Oh my God, what has happened to this world? When did normal things like having a pet start to be something that is not acceptable anymore ?!

I guess these people think that there shouldn't be any animals or people in this world, so the climate would be safe.

If this is the case, I don't feel bad if this world disappears.

What would it be if we didn't have the right to live anymore, or if the animals didn't have the right to live.

After all, are we here for the world or is the world here for us? This is the ultimate question.

Should we have the right to drive our cars if we want to?

Should the animals have the right to live? Are we the ones to decide?

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Lucy Setian on 11th November 2009:

We are also animals. If they deserve do die, we also do. Ahm..and if we kill the car, ok..we can`t it`s not alive. BUT there are people who cannot live without it. It`s all to personal.

Adela on 11th November 2009:

I wanted to make a post about the same issue.
I totally agree with you that it’s ridiculous, regardless of what David Mackay believes.

If dogs are so bad, then how come they haven’t changed the environment before cars started to take over the earth? 

Forgive the politically incorrect phrase, but all this fuss they make is (dog) shit.

Muusa on 21st November 2009:

Thank you for your comments wink

I guess we are just blaming animals for things that (humans) have done themselves…

Maybe if you’re interested in this animal-question, here you have an interesting PDF to read:

Benno Hansen on 21st November 2009:

I like dogs grin

But there is a simple physical fact that is beyond discussion: Plants produce (photosynthesis), animals consume (combustion).

Talking about vegetarianism and pets is part of the “population control” debate. And we need to, even if it’s taboo.

Paul Montariol on 25th November 2009:

For eating meat: I have decided to eat fish 5 times a week because it is very good against cancer. 50% less!
It is better in that way that vegetarianism.

Gord on 22nd March 2010:

I really can’t imagine how people can make simple things complicated.
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