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Those Flip cameras could make us rich and famous!

Published 25th September 2009 - 0 comments - 811 views -

Google has teamed up with CNN to establish a dedicated Copenhagen Conference YouTube channel titled "Raise Your Voice". And very cool it is, too. Already, it has videos by world leaders and celebrities explaining why the Copenhagen event is so important. Submissions are welcome, and the best will be aired in Denmark in December and on CNN. So, let's crank up those Flip cams!

Meanwhile, Google has asked Al Gore – who acts as a "senior advisor" to the company – to help explain some of the snazzy new features that it's just added to Google Earth. In collaboration with the Danish government, the search engine says it is launching a series of Google Earth layers and tours "to allow you to explore the potential impacts of climate change on our planet and the solutions for managing it. Working with data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we show on Google Earth the range of expected temperature and precipitation changes under different global emissions scenarios that could occur throughout the century."

For example, we can now "view" any location on earth up till the year 2100, according to both the IPCC's high and low carbon emissions scenarios. And we can expect updates that will allow us to see predicted sea-level rises, water depletion and polar ice-sheet melting. Maybe Al's (in)famous polar bears will get a cameo role.  Upcoming tours will help us "learn about the range of available solutions". According to Gore, "you will visualize a new world of renewable energy, and see what individuals and communities around the world are doing to both reduce their carbon footprint and adapt to their changing climates". 

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This article is archived. Comments are closed.