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The human cost of 3°C

Published 17th December 2009 - 1 comments - 822 views -

Leaked documents emerged today from the United Nations that suggest current proposals for a climate deal would result in a three degree increase in the planet’s temperature – very worrying!

At this stage in the game, a deal that fails to keep temperature rises below two degrees is simply not good enough. If global temperatures rise to 3°C, up to 600 million more people will face the risk of hunger and up to four billion people could face water shortages globally, according to Oxfam International.   

The higher the temperature, the more devastating and costly the impact.

 Rich countries need to raise their game on emissions cuts and financing. The costs of them not doing so are simply too great to bear.

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Paul Montariol on 18th December 2009:

You forget too much quickly that the green tech are not all mature.
The new 15 MW wind mills are not yet in action. The price of energy can fail a lot.
The congress men do not understand that.
The fail comes from the fact we are speaking of reductions.
A country as France make a deficit of 6000 Euros for each family by 2008 and 10 000 Euros by 2009.
Do you think we can “reduce” anything?
If we reduce we are economically dead!
If you increase new energies you multiply employments. Finally you have reduction of CO².

You must be positive!

This article is archived. Comments are closed.