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Texas unveils plans for world’s largest wind farm.

Published 20th October 2009 - 5 comments - 3255 views -

Wind farms in TexasTexas Governor Rick Perry unveiled a dramatic new plan to build the world’s largest wind farm in the oil-rich state earlier this morning. Aptly named “10-Gallon Energy,” the project will be co-financed by billionaire Texan T. Boone Pickens, and will be built, amazingly, in the shape of a traditional cowboy hat.

Cowboy Hat“This project really marks a huge step forward in putting Texas on the renewable energy map. We are extremely excited to have Mr. Pickens as our private sector partner in this massive undertaking,” said the governor before a crowd of nearly 1,000.

“I am extremely pleased to finally get the ball rolling on this wind farm,” Mr. Pickens told reporters at the conference. “Oil can’t last forever, and it’s time Texas emerge from the ashes of the fossil fuel regime as a leader in clean energy.”

Starting at $1.2 billion (€800,000), the farm will force heavy strain onto taxpayers in already unsteady economic times, but the governor hopes to allocate federal stimulus funding for the 700,000-acre cowboy hat.

Texans are generally friendly to the project, as more than half the state is virtually unoccupied, and the free, clean energy will be sold to neighboring states, a boon to treasury coffers.

The Obama administration has so far been unavailable for comment, but former president and Texan George W. Bush was quoted as saying, “Damn, a cowboy hat!?!”


Project 10-Gallon Energy

Construction is set to begin in early 2012 and finish by late 2020.



disclaimer: everything in this article is false.

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Daniel Nylin Nilsson on 30th October 2009:

I think “Damn, a cowboy hat!?!” is the first George Bush quote I can agree with wink

Lucy Setian on 03rd November 2009:

Nice article and happy ending wink You must tell us how will the wind farm develops. Maybe he will add a huge solar panel in a bull form?

Paul Montariol on 08th November 2009:

I have a hat of Cowboy and I love texans.
More, I am enthusiast by new energies.

Lucy Setian on 08th November 2009:

I also have a Cowboy hat - white onŠµ, but I haven`t met texans yet smile So, you lead me. But this idea of design is crazy after all..What`s the point of it? Is there any at all:))

Paul Montariol on 08th November 2009:

Did you see what I have found about Russian research.

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