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Smart Meters to fight climate change

Published 12th October 2009 - 2 comments - 1064 views -

Loads of initiatives are being taken by European Union member states to
fight climate change.

Personally, I strongly believe that Brussels should focus on energy
efficiency and alternative energies.

Following the 27 EU leaders endorsement to the European Commission's
proposed 20-20-20 energy and climate change targets in March 2007,
bureaucrats in Berlaymont Building worked on the so-called
''energy-efficient, low-carbon economy''.

This action plan included several technology related initiatives to
facilitate this transition in mentality, including Smart Meters.

It is believed that such application could reduce global CO2 emissions by
15% by 2020.


Malta is supporting the European Commission call to boost energy efficient
devices and introduce smart metering devices.

Malta's state-owned energy corporation, Enemalta earlier this year started
installing the first 5,000 smart meters and water probes as part of a
pilot project.

Smart meters will enable remote, real time and accurate meter reading,
removing the need for physical meter reading and billing based on consumption estimates.
Smart Meter

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Andreas Lindinger on 14th October 2009:

According to a recent pilot project in North Carolina, businesses and households could save up to 40% of energy costs with smart meters:

Paul Montariol on 04th December 2009:

The question is being studied in France but there is a polemic very difficult to explain.
When I started to understand. I wondered whether I did not dream!
A well known journalist asked me about that question.

This article is archived. Comments are closed.