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Role of Media in creating Environmental awareness or issues towards climate change

Published 18th November 2010 - 4 comments - 14092 views -

One of the most effective way of getting the message across to the largest possible audience in a country as vast and diverse like India is through mass media, including television and the English and vernacular press. Both these media have the potential of being extremely effective tools for environmental communication, but have not been sufficiently exploited for this purpose so far. Most environmental documentaries shown on TV today attract few viewers because of the academic or pedantic manner in which they are presented. Similarly, although many English newspapers are now carrying more and more features on environmental issues, they are usually superficially researched and poorly written. Vernacular papers still carry very little or no environmental news.


From the issues like pollution to the climate change, the media had been playing a vital role in creating awareness and raise issues to the pertaining topic of environment.  The media has been pivotal in covering the entire country of India in raising environment issues like drought in Gujarat, Air pollution in Delhi, Ground water level depletion in Chennai and pollution from coal mines in Jharia, west Bengal. It is still to be confirmed that the role of mass media is one of the most important factors underlying the knowledge of environmental problems: This can only be true on the conditions that first, mass media are accessible to large proportions of the population, second, are spending some time on environmental issues and third, people are interested in information on ecological issues provided by the media so that they view or listen to the corresponding programs as well as read newspaper articles or other written publications dealing with environmental issues.

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