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            Greenpeace, global warming, food suply, UNFCCC are the words which is the first implied when environmental theme explained in this article. The writer is faced to dillemma which the men as leader of the world have duty to manage and conserve the nature but in reality become ”parasite” who do not know to say thanks. A reality study case which can see is global population excalation after Cold War but it can not be balanced by nature itself, moreover if man damage and over exploit the nature. This phenomenon which arouse environmentalism in scope of international relations as a form of concern and problem solving as well as efforts to minimize environmental damage.

Environmentalist itself divide into two part, modernist and radical (Sorensen, 1999). If modernist think that continuation of science improvement and technology competition will increase capability in command the nature, so science and technology which is exist made friendly environmental orientation like reduction of CFC gas. Whereas ecoradical think that man on the world is threated to move on quota limitation of  planet and there is no technology reparation which can solve it except whole implementation of ecosentrical green politic theory, so it can be comperehensive framework  toward ecological crisis resolution. From two choices above, writer take position as ecoadical follower which nature position and human is balance, human can live until now because taking advantage of nature which become his right and nature existence can survive until now because human carry out his duty to the nature, so both of them have resiprocal interaction as one and only ecosystem which can not be separated. Different anymore with antropocentrism which dominant in west cogitation, they think that human position on the nature  so they are free to exploite nature to reach his destiny and interest.

Environmentalism is different from the other critical theory which seldom giving solution, ecoradical here contributes in extending his thought about drastic change of life style, political organization, and economical human like stopping industrial mass production and shift it to bacck to nature concept. So, mainstream study which as long as is center to state aspect that charged as rooted problem than problem solving is part of modern society which so far become the biggest donatur of crisis (Carter, 1993). Although ecoradical does not say anything what the right subtituter of state but I myself suggest more to fulfil that function by international regime, non governmental organization, or society. The evidence is greenpeace’s action which has global networking faster to act in smog case of Indonesian forest fire which has impact to East Asia countries, than Indonesian government reaction which is  slowly, even UNFCCC conferention result does not carry out because United States do not want ratify; then success of ozone regime to cut and stop CFC production in recently years (Banyu dan Yanyan, 2006). In international study, environmentalism give new colour from global ecosystem perspective which threated dangerous of human’s arrogance which give priority modernity more and high level of material wealth, for this reason also writer disagree with ecomodernism which tends to that assuption.

Human and Environment Security

            Related with the title above, logically if environment security is ignored so human security will be also threated. Simple explanation is if happen climate change because of greenhouse effect and ozone depletion so it will cause disease for human and then the waste of nuclear proliferation problem which contains also radioactive can pollute the environment and influence human’s brain and health if inhaled, limitation supplying food will cause starvation disaster like in Ethiopia, many kind nuclear Brund of Israel nuclearbrund in Palestina region will be threated thousands human soul from both countries, from all overview above we can conlude that synergy both of them must work mutually for humfuture need itself. So threaten aspect of human security is not limited about war, weapon, or other traditional issues. 

There is little different view from Thomas Homer-Dixon about environmental crisis that affects intra-state issue like scarcity of environmental can cause the migration of city dwellers and hostility, declining economic productivity and ethnic conflict which led to the weakening of government. When observed indeed it is true, the source of the problems that arise from per country but the impact and how to solve them even more effective when done together at the global level, through the organization did not let state bureaucracy hampered the knotty problem among the elite, the support of the volunteers who are individual actor and the role of the media managers who all was none other than humans with strata and different functions but with unity of thought will be of concern to the environment.

Review About Green Politics

Knowingly or not the tricks and political intrigue into all aspects of life and security environment is no exception, although in low levels (low politics). The threat to the environment can seriously affect national and international security, such as water resource conflicts in the Middle East that should be shared by Syria, Israel, Jordan and Lebanon, but because the Arab League trying to take over eventually arises the Arab-Israeli war, which has always been have a religious sentiment (Gleick, 1993). So, when politicized the environmental damage can lead to wider conflict such as war, terrorism, and diplomatic and trade disputes which could have spread to the changing world order.

In green politics despite not making the dominant role of the state, but the country remains the hope of reform of existing structures as well as more responsive to exist and political decisions at the local, regional, and international and oriented horizontally with stakeholders (private), so application of the decision can be optimal. In addition it is necessary to also expand state control of market activity and cultural communities in order to remain environmentally sound.


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