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Recycling: Plastic Bags, Unknown Gold Mine

Published 29th October 2010 - 0 comments - 1604 views -

black plastic bags lying on a dumpAs a result, they clog the soil that becomes less permeable to rainwater or runoff. A fact that used to bring frequents flooding in urban area which are high human activity and therefore subject to emission of large quantities of waste and in turn plastic bags. They are found more and more everywhere on the grounds, in the streets because of their relatively inexpensive price. Plastic bags are sailed in market at prices ranging between 5 and 500 F CFA (1 USD).

It is therefore appropriate to think of an effective strategy for treatment and exploitation of these plastics because they can be recycled and reused otherwise. Indeed, the population can benefit from these plastics lying around for miles around. Initiatives in manufacturing plastics products may be implemented either by small groups or as large industries. Manufacturing plants of pipe line can also be an important source of income for the population in the case that the raw material: plastic, is for free.

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