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Prince Charles: Carbon Bigfoot

Published 17th December 2009 - 1 comments - 1122 views -

"PRINCE Charles used up seven months' worth of the average British person's 'carbon footprint' yesterday flying to Copenhagen on an executive jet to make a speech on climate change." So reports the Daily Express. But it gets better. 

"The heir to the throne, who prides himself on his green credentials, cost taxpayers an estimated £12,000 and racked up a 6.486-ton carbon footprint in one day by taking a seven-seater RAF Royal Flight HS125 jet to the summit in the Danish capital.

Charles, who made an impassioned speech to world leaders on the need to agree drastic cuts in carbon emissions, decided against taking a more environmentally-friendly train or scheduled airliner, arguing it was impractical."

Here's something I'd like to know, and I'm sure some clever clogged Th!nk About It blogger can find this out: How big is Naomi Klein's (carbon) footprint? I suppose I could be accused of developing a kind of foot (print) fetish, but seeing that those who would choose to lecture us have such enormous feet, it might be fun to do the numbers and compare the sizes.

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Lara on 17th December 2009:

All I can say is, it’s not the first time Charles has put his foot in it, and it certainly won’t be the last!!

This article is archived. Comments are closed.