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Preservation Of The Environment: A Book On The 50 Years Of Environmental History In Togo

Published 29th October 2010 - 0 comments - 1184 views -

the cover of the book   By this book, Green Globe aims to provide a key environmental celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Togo by making an assessment of 50 years of environmental actions in the goal to engage Togo on the path of eco responsibility.

   This book describes thirteen major lines of environmental history of Togo, including an overview on the National Plan of Action for the Environment, the institutional framework for environmental protection, the legal framework, the role of international institutions, the role of non-governmental associations of environmental protection, waste management, food hygiene, protected areas, transportation, climate, dams, mining and floods.

    Starting with the National Action Plan for the Environment (NAPE), the book "Togo: 1960-2010, 50 years of environmental history," reveals the shortcomings of the national policy framework by taking into account a lack of significant funding of the environmental sector  and institutional instability. Indeed, the Ministry of Environment in Togo has changed nine times its name by sometimes being associated with tourism, rural development, forest resources or forest protection. Green Globe therefore recommends the updating of the legal texts by the National Assembly and the need for environmental justice. This book for environmental causes in Togo, evaluated in its lines, the technical and financial support of international agencies in one hand and in the other hand, the local "green" associations and NGOs on the national level.

    The book also looked at the impact of industrial wastes of phosphate on riparian populations of Kpémé and Aglomé. In short, environmental issues related to urbanization, climate change, deforestation and destruction of vegetation cover were considered and analyzed Green Globe.

 The aim of Green Globe throughout the edition of this book, is the awakening of consciousness to better understand the environmental future of Togo but also help to correct, clean and be incorporated into behavior, another vision of life now based on responsibility.   For Green Globe, "this book is a unique and should be considered a new start for Togo."

The book "Togo: 1960-2010, 50 years of environmental history” is already available at the siege of Green Globe’s bureau of Study and Expertise.

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