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Police reports ecologists are found murdered

Published 02nd November 2009 - 10 comments - 2314 views -

One man died and another is in a hospital with risk of his life, after a waste wave flushed them into the city canalization, the police reported this morning.

The two victims have been going through the dangerous part of the capital – the center – where the streets are especially rugged and there is almost no possibility for going through. However, they have decided to get fast to their workplace on 15 km out of the city and walked by the nearly 20-meters high waste tower, which is extending day by day.

This is one of the nearly 50 such accidents this month, caused by the rubbish bales, which the municipality couldn`t get recycled by time. Analysts predicts, that in the coming half an year another the deaths will increase with 10% and another 25% of new disease types will spread over the small rest of the populated regions of the capital. Because of the enormous trash problem most of the people decided to live their homes and to seek help in villages and smaller cities, most of which in the highest parts of the mountains. The police remind to keep away from city center and to wear protective masks and gloves because of the dangerous pollution there.


A family has been found dead on their dining table after a consummation of the new food products of the “ECO-villainer Comp.”. The bodies of the parents and their two families have been found after 2 days from a neighbor. They were almost undistinguishable, though some food was still on the table and was looking like just bought.

The ministry of internal affairs has awarded the company before a month as the best bio producing factory chain. However, the science report of death of the parents and the two children showed that they all have eaten one and the same “bio”-products. The pathology department revealed that the products of “ECO-villainer Comp.” were not bio at all, and that they also contained dangerous for the human organism toxins, often used in the industrial manufacturing for the maintenance of the fine-technical parts. Consumed for more than a half an year it can cause side effects as mutations and immediate death.

Though, the case is a good example of the deep connection of the black mafia with a number of politicians with obscure background. The police investigate who has left the company to sell this toxic food with the bio label. There is no evidence that the company has inside contacts with the institution, which makes pretests of food products. The other foodstuffs of the chain will be also examined.

The organization has branches in 40 cities in the country with more than 100 shops and supermarkets. If you have consumed their products please call at: +0293 0312663.


A group of revolts against the government’s regime, which postulated the no taking of further measures against the deforestation and poisoning of the seaside, has been found assassinated in a villa. The police find after a week the bodies of 18 young people between 16-23 years old. They were so brutally deformed and serrated, that it was difficult for the authorities to identify them. Thanks to the strong smell, one of the owners of a house in the neighbors gave a signal in the police station. The inspectors don`t have a clue, who could find a reason to kill the ecologists, but according to unofficial representatives there are versions for hidden contractors of the political & mafia structures. There is no official statement yet. “This happens when you speak and act a lot against the public decisions,” says the father of one of the dead teenagers. Before a month the group wanted to stop the cutting of forests, where exists a plan for the building of a luxurious spa hotel of unknown foreign investor.

We make the news. Do you want to let this be our reality?


(There are no real persons in this story. This is my warning to all of you to think twice what do you want to read in 5 years.)

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Daniel Nylin Nilsson on 02nd November 2009:

Horrible! :(

Daniel Nylin Nilsson on 02nd November 2009:

Where can I read more about these stories in Bulgarian?

Lucy Setian on 02nd November 2009:

Daniel, this is a fiction and my totally realistic prediction for the future. I meant it to sound realistic, because everyday we hear about black stories like this (but for brutal psychos, car accidents, rapings and so on) and we “like” to read them not because they are nice of course, but because we are used to find them part of the “day”. (Like an editor I used to have a daily amount of 5-6 stories of murders and etc., they are not nice, but people read this) But when it comes to the chronicles about ecology, waste, risings on eco subjects, almost nobody listens.
Despite of the fact about poisoning. It is not new and it is totally real. More about it you can read in my interview:

Daniel Nylin Nilsson on 02nd November 2009:

(blush) Great idea, sorry I was stupid…

Vitezslav Kremlik on 03rd November 2009:

A well written short story! However let me bring in a contrarian comment:

Even well meant environmental measures sometimes have quite murdering effect on people. They often increase prices, because new eco-friendly resources are technologivcally immature and ineffective.

We now learn, that in the Czech Republic the government support to solar powerplants is going to increase our electricity price by up to CZK 3000 a year. Whereas the monthly average sallary is some CZK 20 000. It is quite a big increase of prices.

Some less wealthy people will have to decide:
Will I eat today or switch on the light and starve?

Lucy Setian on 03rd November 2009:

Thanks Vitezslav,
of course there are always side-effects. It is all up to plan of the systems. But this has some other side- for example the new bulb of “Lemnis” company. It works for 25 year if it works 4 hours a day, but it`s expensive - it costs 30 euro. From other side- it consumes 6 watts and you repay the first investment in 3-5 years, so you don`t need to buy new ones on every half year despite of them being cheap. 

However, this was not the idea of my stories. That what I meant is that people don`t want to know about what`s happening around them, or when they do, they don`t take some action, at least personally at home. We are consumer society and you can see that especially in BG. Like for example, they made the price of a packet cigarettes nearly 3 euro, which is A LOT for a lowest sallary of around 120 euro…BUT! Again..the smokers haven`t quit to buy them. What means that according to you? It`s nature or something else?

Daniel Nylin Nilsson on 03rd November 2009:

Vitezslav, I happened to lie in Bulgaria in January 2009, when a lot of people were freezing, polluting and paying extra bills due to Bulgaria’s untimely dependence on Russian oil. I can assure you that poor people were as affected by this short sighted energy policy as immigrant Swedes.

What do you think will be the price of oil within one year?  Any technology that can replace oil-heating will save money for whoever invests, also the Czech government.

What is the alternative in Czech republic? Coal plants?

Lucy Setian on 09th November 2009:

You must see very interesting article of Yordanka about the topic. :
Cold Winter in Bulgaria?

Nonreader on 29th December 2009:

I didn’t read the story because my English it’s not good enough but…is it a true story the villige in the danish capital - Christianity ?

Lucy Setian on 04th January 2010:

The story is a fiction. But it could happen if we neglect the reality`s problems.

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