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Please, don’t support ExxonMobil with your business

Published 24th November 2010 - 0 comments - 1203 views -

Yesterday, I was enjoying quite time my daughter watching television and there it was. An ad from ExxonMobil, where one of its scientists shows carbon capture and storage as easy as child's play. Exxon is trying to show us that by funding this new technology, it is trying its best to lower emissions and also contributing to "greening" the atmosphere.



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 Now that is some tasty baloney. Actually carbon capture and storage (CSS) is not that easy, and it may be years before this technology is perfected for large scale commercially viable use.

 According to Source Watch,

"A 2010 Government Accountability Office report noted that the largest demonstration of carbon capture in a coal plant was at a pilot scale (TRL 7) or less, and that demonstration of large scale integrated CCS systems is a technical challenge that is at least 10-15 years away from being realized."

 And ExxonMobil wants green points for this infant technology now? Isn't that a big rush? Exxon is drowning in massive profit and it can afford to spend millions in deceptive and childish campaigns like this but can the earth wait for 10-15 years?

 If Exxon is really serious about the environment and climate change, it should stop running stupid ads like the one I mentioned in the beginning. The ad, shows an Exxon scientist trying to humanize himself by saying that he wanted to be a musician but decided to work at Exxon because he needed a day job and that there are many musician/scientists working at Exxon. You know, Exxon is desperately trying to humanize itself. It is using these geeky faces to tell us that they are people too and no profit craving, polluting monsters.

 They should also stop funding climate change deniers. According to Guardian,

 "The world's largest oil company is continuing to fund lobby groups that question the reality of global warming, despite a public pledge to cut support for such climate change denial, a new analysis shows.

 Company records show that ExxonMobil handed over hundreds of thousands of pounds to such lobby groups in 2008. These include the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) in Dallas, Texas, which received $75,000 (£45,500), and the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC, which received $50,000."


And finally, invest seriously in green technology that works now, not decades later. Yes, research and development takes time but they have the cash to push things faster. So, let’s get to work.

 But until and unless, ExxonMobil gets serious about climate change and mends its ways please don't support their campaign against climate change with your business. Buy your gas somewhere else. Well, avoid BP too if you can.


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