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Pixel: the Carbon-Neutral Office Building

Published 09th November 2010 - 0 comments - 2471 views -


Pixel building

(Photo: Brutal Art)

On her whirlwind visit to Melbourne this week, US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, dropped in on what is supposed to be Australia's first carbon-neutral office building, the Pixel Building.

This promotional video is on their website:

According to Green Building Council of Australia, at the time of building's opening in July 2010:

Pixel has achieved a perfect score of 100 points under the Green Star rating system for building design, with 75 points the benchmark for 6 Star Green Star. It gained an extra five points for innovation, equating to world leadership.
PIXEL gains highest Green Star score ever

I'm looking forward to testing their 'fresh air'. Watch this space for an update.

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