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Oz Climate News: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Published 24th November 2010 - 3 comments - 916 views -

Mixed news from Australia as we head towards COP16 at Cancún:  

The Good

The Australian government has started the conversation about carbon credits for farmers:

The Federal Government has released a framework for how farmers, foresters and landholders will be able to generate carbon credits under the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI). The Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet, said this was the start of a dialogue with stakeholders about the design of the scheme for crediting and selling carbon offsets.
Carbon farming framework released

The Bad

Well not all bad, but it's hard to be really optimistic. Greg Bourne at Climate Spectator:

At some time in this coming decade it is expected that a “consensus” will be reached around the world on urgent action to tackle global warming and climate change. But as those who attended last year’s negotiations in Copenhagen know – and who are lowering their expectations of Cancun accordingly – building consensus sufficient for politicians to act is not easy.

After analysing the current state of play in Australia he concludes:

For business throughout the world it is necessary to peer over the precipice and get a glimpse at the economic breakdowns we potentially face if we don't tackle climate change expeditiously. We then need to draw back and actively work for a speedy transition to a low-carbon future.
The business of building consensus

The Ugly

Australia's CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) has released a report on global emissions:

Global carbon dioxide emissions contributing to atmospheric warming show no sign of abating and may reach record levels in 2010, according to the Global Carbon Project (GCP), supported by CSIRO’s Marine and Atmospheric Research Division.

This cloud's silver lining concerns the world's forests where the rate of deforestation has slowed:

There is some good news, however, in that we found global emissions from deforestation have decreased through the last decade by more than 25 per cent compared to the 1990s and account now for about a tenth of the emissions from all human activity.
Global CO2 emissions may set a record this year has some photos to cheer you up if any of this weighs too heavily:


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Kevin Rennie on 24th November 2010:


We have to keep up the pressure on the global leaders as well as building the bottom-up strategies as best we can.

Kevin Rennie on 25th November 2010:

Today’s Climate Spectator has Cancun coverage including this: Cancun: Cancan or Cancan’t? Even I’ve baulked at using ‘Yes We CancĂșn!’

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