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One talking tree?

Published 12th October 2010 - 18 comments - 1789 views -

"Hello. I am a tree and this is my website.

I'll be online all day to keep you posted on how I feel..."

(The talking tree, )


Well, this is something I had to write about,  as this is the first time I see what it would be like if a tree, or any plant in general, could "say and show how they felt online." Or is this only how US HUMAN think a TREE would SAY?

Apparently, a Belgian publication known as the EOS magazine decided to give a tree a voice, and "empower it to speak",  and let the world know how it feels.

The "talking tree", as it is known inside the international blogosphere, uses social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

If you would like to know more about how do they measure what he sees and feels every single day do not miss the next video:



I would like to know how you feel about this post? Do you think the measures they are taking in order to know how the tree feels could be accurate? Do you think with this type of approach to our environment, maybe human beings could feel more related to plants and nature in general?


(Andrea Arzaba, October 2010)

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Andrea Arzaba on 12th October 2010:

Haha thank you Pabitra!

I found really creative the way this magazine presents us the tree, I think with this campaign people might feel more connected to our surrounding environment

Andrea Arzaba on 13th October 2010:

Thank you Pabitra!
What is it about (I mean the title makes it a bit obvious) but TELL ME did it change your life??

Andrea Arzaba on 19th October 2010:


Thank you so much for describing it! Now you made me wanna read it, I tried to find it on my local book store but they do not have it so I might try amazon. It sounds fantastic!

And another thing, I must express my LOVE and PASSIOn for your country smile I know one day I have to visit it!

Greetings from Mexico

Andrea Arzaba on 19th October 2010:

And thank you so much for the TED TALK video. I absolutely enjoyed it!

Jan Marcinek on 20th October 2010:

Great initiative. Maybe there can be detector for moving and talking when people walk around. I hope it will help.

Andrea Arzaba on 20th October 2010:

Great opinion! Maybe you should “contact the tree” and tell him (meaning contacting the project staff!)

Jan Marcinek on 20th October 2010:

Do you think? Probably it will be technologically challenging…

Andrea Arzaba on 22nd October 2010:

@ Pabitra: I would like to receive it! Do you have the book (or e-book) in English?

@ Jan: Why not? You might give them a GREAT idea =)!

Jan Marcinek on 22nd October 2010:

@Andrea Ok, I will. But I must thank you for this post ,)

Andrea Arzaba on 14th November 2010:


Something our dear talking tree said some days ago:

“Low air pollution makes weekends even more enjoyable”


“Time to say goodbye to some of my leaves”

Sweet! smile

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