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Oliver and International Day of Climate Action

Published 24th October 2009 - 1 comments - 1895 views -

Every Saturday morning my son Oliver and I go to the Charlottetown Farmers' Market. Most weeks we take the bus, and today we made a special point of doing this as it was International Day of Climate Action.  On the bus ride up to the market we talked about what the day meant, and Oliver told me that he'd read about climate change in a book about polar bears.  This prompted us to walk across the street from the market to the new "collaboratory" at the University of Prince Edward Island – a free, public facility full of video and audio editing equipment – where I shot a short video and then taught Oliver how to use iMovie to edit it and publish it to YouTube:

Photo of Oliver making a video.

Here's the resulting movie:

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This article is archived. Comments are closed.