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‘Oil is Our God,’ But He Won’t Be There Forever

Published 18th October 2010 - 1 comments - 1534 views -

A crude awakening faces mankind; the simple fact that oil is fast running out:

We enter an entirely new world of quite unbelivable dimensions, and yet, its only a few years away. The Crude Awakening Coalition wants us to face facts, and look to alternatives - namely renewables - to fuel our busy lives.

In a bid to get their voices heard, dozens of climate protesters blockaded a road leading to an oil refinery in the UK for most of today. They claimed to have prevented approximately 400 thousand gallons, equal to 50 tankers of fuel from leaving the depot. We are stopping the flow of oil to London as we speak, said one protester.

The protest's organisers blame the fossil fuel industry for contributing to climate change, and arranged the protest as part of a week of global action.

With the clock ticking and time running out, was this the right place to focus attentions (the public and the media's), in this, a week of global action against climate change?

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Andrea Arzaba on 19th October 2010:

Lara! Thank you very much for this awakening post and the trailer…now I wanna see the documentary!

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