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Not denial, but an Under The Nile doll

Published 12th November 2009 - 2 comments - 1195 views -

Do know a global-warming sceptic? One with kids? An ideal seasonal present for this person would be the "Under The Nile Jack Doll with Extra Clothes". We all know that young children, girls mainly, love to dress and undress dolls and this adorable, green, soft organic Egyptian cotton doll comes with an extra set of clothes. Bound to melt the heart of the hardest sceptic and her family.

Green toys are going to be very big this year, so let's have a quick look at what's on the market.

ABC blocksWe all want to ensure that the next generation will be literate so that the kids can keep blogging about climate change, right? Well, then, what could be more appropriate than these "Classic ABC Blocks". They're made from wood that comes from a sustainable forest in Michigan and they're hand painted with non-toxic paints. In a matter of minutes, the little ones will be able to spell "IPCC".

Want to live in a "green" house? I'd take this Chalet dollhouse. Made from recycled rubberwood trees, this fantastic looking play house by Plan Toys (a "Green Company") comes with furniture and it ready for an eco-family to move right in. If you want the tots to grow up to be designers of sustainable housing, this is where to start. By the way, Plan Toys also makes a "Green Dollhouse with Furniture" that comes with a windmill, a solar panel and a rain barrel. There is also a "bio facade" used to give shade or adjust that amount of sunlight in the room.

The wonderful Sprig Toys has a Dolphin Adventure Playset that comes with two boats, two dolphins and a captain. Ultra durable and totally green and ideal for the bath or a local stream.

Children, bless them, love to make noise at Christmas. But instead of just "noise", the Wonderworld Eco-Friendly Rainbow Sound Blocks, which are "eco-friendly and non-toxic", could help those tiny tots to develop an ear for melody and harmony.

Check this out! The "Idbids — Plush Kit — Waverly the Water Drop Kit" is designed to help educate kids about our environment, and "With the purchase of each kit, a child can enter a code online that will help protect the habitats of animal friends through The Nature Conservancy's Plant A Billion Trees campaign, Adopt an Acre® or Rescue the Reef® programs." And this is good, "lovingly handcrafted using 100% organic Egyptian cotton which has been colored with natural organic dyes — no two are alike, just like children!"

Silk is a renewable resource, and it makes beautiful play material for children. Sarah's Silks designs great party costumes that are 100 percent silk and itch-free. Love those Silk Dragonfly Wings!

I could go on and on, but finally, "Looking for a play dough that is all-natural and made without chemicals or artificial dyes? We've got it! Eco-Kids non-toxic, non-staining eco-dough. You can roll it out with the eco-friendly Bamboo Rolling Pin, included with the kit!" What we are seeing here is the gradual greening of the toy business,  a huge industry. Some will, no doubt, see a propaganda message hidden in all of this and it does bring to mind the Jesuit maxim, attributed to Francis Xavier, the co-founder of the order: "Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man."

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Aija Vanaga on 12th November 2009:

In one moment I started to think about having kids smile Christmas post smile

Adela on 12th November 2009:

Hehe, great word play in the title.
Plan Toys have an impressive website.

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