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Nominations for the 2010 Environmental Hall of Fame or Shame

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Each year, my site takes a poll to see who the readers think is the most deserving person to receive recognition in the Environmental Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame. Nominations are now open for the person who has most affected the environment by words or action. With the debate on environmental regulation coming up, a number of possible nominees should appear.  Please post your nominations  for the Environmental Hall of Fame and for the Hall of Shame along with a short reason that your nominee should be included. You may also suggest a suitable gift for them if they win. International nominees are encouraged.

Nominees will be taken until January 15, 2011 and the top nominees will then be  listed and a vote taken.  The  2010 year’s winner in the Environmental Hall Fame (or Shame)  category will receive the “Most Noble (or Most Ignoble Prize) in Environmental Science” and a  suitable gift. For instance,  while last year John McCain  might have deserved a framed picture of a trout swimming upstream  in the  Fame Category, this year he might deserve a picture of a trout flip/flopping on the bank in the Shame category. Let us hope that, after the election, he will flip back in and continue upstream. In the  Hall of Fame category  for instance,  John Kerry might receive a gold star  for his work on environmental legislation or Arnold Schwarzenegger might receive a model electric car for promoting the bigger ones.

You may suggest a suitable prize for your nominee. Please be imaginative, as particularly thoughtful or humorous  nominations will  be recognized.

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