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Nathan Myhrvold asks if solar panels really are black

Published 21st October 2009 - 0 comments - 812 views -

A few weeks ago, it appeared as if Th!nk About It would be the climate change blog that would drive the debate in the run up to the December conference in Copenhagen. But no more. That role has been taken over by another. But this is not necessarily bad news as the Th!nk About It writers can use the new alpha blog as a sounding board and a source of stories and, if we're lucky, some of the thinking done here might get noticed there. I'm talking about Freakonomics.

Yes, I know some people posting here "have issues", as they say, with the Freakonomics take on climate change, especially as Levitt and Dubner fail to pay obeisance to the holy cow of global warming in their latest book. In fact, they rubbish some of "consensus", but life's like that. It's not a box of chocolates. Still, these are the guys who are now making the running and if we're wise we'll get right up alongside them and pick apart their theories, when they deserve to be ripped, and praise them, when they present interesting thinking, as is the case with Are Solar Panels Really Black? And What Does That Have to Do With the Climate Debate?

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This article is archived. Comments are closed.