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Czech republic is a country whose president Vaclav Klaus openly denies the existence of global warming or human impact on climate changes. This attitude brings this rather uninteresting person world fame. He is an orthodox capitalist who calls people who want to live in a cleaner world environmentalists and eco-radicals.

Vaclav Klaus - president of the Czech republic (photo: CTK)

Czech president Klaus: global warming denier (photo: Czech Press Agency)

I have been living near the city of Ostrava since I was a child. It is an industrial town with more than 350 000 citizens. It is the most polluted city in the whole European Union. Almost in every city council there is the communist party. Leftwing government supports companies like Arcelor Mittal or other big industrial companies because they give jobs to people who votes for the communists in the elections. That is why companies can do whatever they want to do.

Dirty Ostrava (photo: Ludvík Hradílek)

Welcome to Ostrava: the most polluted city in the whole European Union (photo: Ludvík Hradílek)

According to Czech law air pollution can be present in a limited number of days in a year. It is about 50 days per year. In Ostrava these year limits are exceeded in February! But there is no legal way how to punish companies. They would just say – if you take concern about this issue, we will relocate our  company to Poland and your people will lose jobs. That is the reason why the government is blind. No right or left power in this country is opened to green changes or sustainable development. Czech republic is one of the most corrupted countries in the European Union. Our relationship with mother nature is on the same level as our relationships between people. Just to exploit the others for one´s personal interest. This is Czech reality.

Recycled printing paper (photo:


And here comes my morning story: In my hometown – even if there are more than fifty shops - it is almost impossible to buy recycled paper for a copy machine. It is simply impossible. I have spent more than three hours – travelling back and forth. I visited all the stationaries in my hometown and there is not even one sample of recycled paper there. Shop assistants were looking at me like I was idiot or something. This is  the sad reality of my hometown Ostrava. So be green – it is possible but unfortunately not everywhere.


Here I would like to show you the map of air pollution in my hometown from yesterday:

Red to Brown are the most polluted areas. (1 cm = 10 km) (photo: CHMU)

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Laszlo Keki on 25th November 2010:

Hi Roman,

Well. Do you know what is Svejking?
The Czech nation was left in the lurch many times during the history.
Klaus is only Svejking. But we know that he knows exactly they importance and urging of the problems you mentioned above.

Rgrds, Laci

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