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Merchants of Death: Naomi Oreskes Tours Australia

Published 18th November 2010 - 2 comments - 1636 views -

Want to engage in the great Climate Science debate? Want equal time with the climate sceptics and contrarians? Good luck!

(Image:  Merchants of Death website)

I first heard about Naomi Oreskes from Benno Hansen on his post Billionaires fund anti-COP16 movement.

From Oz blog Larvatus Prodeo:

Naomi Oreskes is currently touring Australia to promote her book Merchants of Doubt. She’s a rare breed of science communicator who is both trained in natural science and Science and Technology Studies/Sociology of Science.
Naomi Oreskes Merchants of Doubt tour

An interview from ABC Radio National's Breakfast (15 November 2010) program:

Author and history professor Naomi Oreskes argues that doubt and confusion about climate science has been, in part, driven by some of the individuals who encouraged governments to delay or deflect action on issues like tobacco smoking and acid rain.
Who is driving the campaign against climate science?

For the full audio from ABC Radio National’s Breakfast program: Listen to MP3 of this story

The Resources page on her book website is an excellent place to find useful links to these issues.

There is also an ABC Lateline video interview: Historian takes aim at powerful climate doubters (We'd be lost without the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, our public broadcaster).

One of my favorite sites is Skeptical Science that 'gets skeptical about global warming skepticism'.

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Kevin Rennie on 18th November 2010:


Cheers! I’ve been wondering about how we get TH!nk4 to a more diverse and larger audience. Can’t get over the feeling we’re in a silo to use the current cliche. The stats don’t have the total traffic or their origin by continent or country so it’s hard to know. Any thoughts?

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