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Lovely Larissa is Miss Earth!

Published 23rd November 2009 - 1 comments - 4869 views -

Larissa Ramos, Miss Earth 2009 Great night had by all last night in the Boracay Ecovillage Resort and Convention Center on the island of Boracay in the Philippines. The occasion was the ninth edition of the Miss Earth beauty pageant. At the end of the evening, the outgoing titleholder, Karla Henry of the Philippines, crowned Larissa Ramos of Brazil as her successor. Note: For the first time since 2003, all semi-finalists competed in both swimsuit and evening gown competitions.

Those who might be inclined to see the serpent of sexism in such a competition should be aware that Miss Earth serves as a spokesperson for the Miss Earth Foundation, the United Nations Environment Programme  and other environmental organizations. While the eight finalists were not asked about tricky issues such as emissions, "earth" images were flashed on screen and each were asked to say something about them. "I come from a country that has the largest rainforest in the world, and it is also known as the 'lungs of the world.' But we cannot just say that we are the 'lungs of the world' because my country produces a lot of air pollution as well," said Larissa Ramos. I am sure that all my fellow Th!nkers will join me in sending her warm wishes for a great year as Miss Earth.

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This article is archived. Comments are closed.