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LAST EXIT DURBAN | A Climate Change Short Movie demands sincere Promises

Published 06th October 2011 - 0 comments - 1152 views -

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres have appealed movie industry for support. In a circle with Hollywoods entertainment industry figures, at a forum on global climate change in Los Angeles, Ban pleaded: "Animate these stories! Set them to music! Give them life! Together we can have a blockbuster impact on the world." Hereby Ban and Figueres are taking a step forward, which is absolutely necessary to sensitize civil society in anthropogenic climate change and to spur world population into action against global warming.

At the political level, at the United Nations Conferences on Climate Change in Copenhagen (2009) and Cancun (2010), participating parties have failed in concluding sufficient agreements in Climate Protection Policy. This only at the political level contended dissension, is just suffering a medial processing, which has lost attention at last and does not reach world's population. So there exists no action-oriented dialogue between Politics and Civil Society. But exactly Civil Society must be heard! Politics, Economy, Religion and Medias must appreciate that our voices, our misgivings and sorrows, also our opinions and knowledge about anthropogenic climate change, should be accepted as an indicatory importance for political action. Only a convincing pressure by the Civil Society can enable a speedy breakthrough in Climate Protection Worldwide.

Now 'THE WORLD DEMANDS | Your Climate Change Short Movie' goes one step further than United Nations. We don't want to listen to these stories, which could be produced in Hollywood. We ourselves will tell these stories! The World Demands, a project of the Climate Protection Initiative 'GACCC | The Global Alliance of Civil Climate Custodians', call on the Civil Society worldwide to shoot personal video messages. "Tell us about your sorrows and fears. Make your personal appeal to the representatives of Politics, Economy, Religion, Medias and Society. Tell them your personal fate, which caused Climate Change. Tell them about unforeseen changes in your life, which brought Climate Change to your families."

Up to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Durban | South Africa [ COP 17 | Nov 28 -- Dec 09 2011 ] we will publish in regular intervalls one selected video message, your Climate Change Short Movie, on this Website. We also will spread it on 'Facebook' as well as on 'Twitter' by contacting a large number of well-known and friendly Environmental Groups, NGOs, IGOs etc. Your Short Movie will be send to the UNFCCC [ United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ], to representatives of Politics, Economy, Religion and Society and will be forwarded to the international Medias.

Currently we present our fifth climate change short movie LAST EXIT DURBAN. It is exactly about demanding a binding maximum consent in climate protection at the COP17 in Durban end of the year. This movie was supported and realized by many citizens of many continents and shall sensitize civil societies around the world in climate change and shall evoke courgage.  

Please watch and share our Short Movie and take a look at our YouTube-Channel.

We can totally do this: LAST EXIT DURBAN!





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