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Is it the Green`s love or just a fat dog?

Published 20th November 2009 - 5 comments - 4757 views -

Britain has now its FATTEST Dalmatian - Barney.

I cannot get it. A man, called John GREEN feed his Dalmatian with soooooo much junk food that now he is more like a big fat cow than a dog! The poor animal is 3X times the normal size and that happened only in 3 months. I think that if his master haven`t been banned from keeping the dog, it would die from exploding. It is cruel to do that to your animal!

The court heard the dog weighed about 70kg - 30kg-35kg more than his breed's ideal weight. Barney now weighs 40kg and is being re-homed by the RSPCA.

I can`t believe that this Green fellow from Cheshire was actually thinking that "he treated Barney more like a friend than a pet. When he had a packet of crisps, Barney had a packet of crisps." At least he pleded guilty and now he will have to do 200 hours' community service + pay Ј780 costs. The poor street cats...they will be next on his community service way.

If a person wants to ruin his life, to eat garbage and to look like overweight elephant, ok. But why you should threat an animal like that? Shall that be called love or McCruelty??? It is ironic that a man called GREEN could live totally UNGREEN. I believe that he has never eaten real organic food or if he tastes it he would puke.

What a world...


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Paul Montariol on 20th November 2009:

Pets are not of my friends ..
I noticed that in Copenhagen the streets were clean of “rests” of pets.
In Paris ... what a pity!

Lucy Setian on 20th November 2009:

Well, it is up to point of view.

Poli on 20th November 2009:

The poor dog :( It looks like a ball… it probably coudn’t walk ot run ;(

Aija Vanaga on 20th November 2009:

I suppose that it is about perception of life. Probably Mr.Green is happy with junk and so he wanted to be his dog.
It is sad and terrifying, but this is impact of food, which on my point of view is 2nd main point here to discuss!

Lucy Setian on 20th November 2009:

There are two points, ok, but we all see what food does to us. Not only to the animals, but to the humankind. I had a friend, working in a fast food chain, who became overweighed after few months there. Were are the international food standarts? Is is normal to sell us trash and we to eat it?

This article is archived. Comments are closed.