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I’m tired of my elected representatives’ blatant disregard for the dangers posed by global warming.

Published 18th November 2009 - 4 comments - 1088 views -

My governor doesn't care that we are building two new coal-fired power plants when instead we could be investing in something new, innovative, and clean.

My governor doesn't care that mountains are crumbling in southwest Virginia as coal mining companies blast the tops off the oldest range in North America.

  • Massey Energy does not care that they are blasting the tops off of mountains.

My new governor will be an marginally insane (for other reasons) climate change denier.

My new governor wants to drill for oil in the most wind-rich part of Virginia.

My congressman singlehandedly disassembled US federal climate legislation.

My congressman voted against healthcare reform.

My congressman believes in clean coal.

My congressman is a jerk.

My president is still wary of real progress at the COP-15 conference.

My president will not push for progress at home, either.

My president believes in clean coal.

My country did not sign onto the Kyoto Protocol.

My country will probably not sign onto an already-unlikely COP-15 agreement.

My country has a large population of people who do not believe that climate change exists... at all... despite overwhelming evidence.

My country also has a large population of people who think that evolution is "just a theory."

Evolution is just a theory.


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Peebles Squire on 18th November 2009:

This is ridiculous, but deadlines are deadlines, you know.

Aija Vanaga on 19th November 2009:

Is it really soo bad?

Ruth Spencer on 19th November 2009:

You could go viral with this, Peebles. Vimeo yourself saying these words (maybe feature Bubbles) and get all the cool kids to do it too. Then email B.O and tell it to him straight.

Peebles Squire on 19th November 2009:

Dammit, Ruth.

This article is archived. Comments are closed.