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Published 11th November 2009 - 2 comments - 43023 views -

Would you show your private parts if I asked you to do it for the environment?

Me neither.

Still, for some indefinite reason, stripping rallies are one of the most popular way to protest against all the bad things.

In August 2007 about 600 volunteers stripped naked on glacier when the installation artist Spencer Tunick asked them to do so. Everybody were happy despite the fact that you can easily get cold when standing without clothes on glacier.

"I want to give a sign to politicians in Switzerland", one of the male volunteers told on a Greenpeace video shot at the event.

Last month about 700 people stripped in French vineyards in a rally organized again by Spencer Tunick.

"This is another fun, eye-catching attempt by Greenpeace to influence climate action in Copenhagen. Hopefully, it will help to make a difference", Eco wordly reported.

Yet another example: The World naked bike ride gathered last year around 2,000 participants to ride bike nude in several UK cities. The mission was to protest oil dependency.

Taking your clothes off for a cause is not new. Actually, as Karen Jackson of Sydney Morning Hearld pointed out, nudity as a way of protesting has been used several times in Africa. So it's not just about Western exhibitionism..

Maybe one of the biggest motivation is to do something you haven't done before. I haven't tried it but I believe getting your clothes off in front of hundreds of unknown people must be quite exciting.

Also media is always very happy of these demonstrations. Nudity makes news as it's seen as something forbidden in our culture. As we wear clothes in our everyday life, taking them off turns the situation sexual, exciting and startling.

I actually believe that all the people taking part in the nude protests realize their participation does not matter at all. Despite the media attention, climate change won't be stopped by showing your boobs. Nudity doesn't change political decicions.

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Paul Montariol on 25th November 2009:

In a world where image is queen it is a mean to make buzz!
In older times it was about religions ...!
Other times!
I think in a few years you cannot find any emotion about nudity!

This article is archived. Comments are closed.