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I Hope the Sceptics Are Right

Published 18th December 2009 - 18 comments - 2678 views -

Burning Earth

As I write this, the COP-15 conference in Copenhagen is falling apart in front of the world's eyes. It looks like governments will fail to come to any kind effective deal preventing climate change. Despite fine words from talented politicians, the fundamental problem of choosing between the environment and the economy (in many ways a false paradigm) has been made an obvious choice because of the global economic crisis. There is still time for a deal, but hopes are fading rapidly and it looks like any document will be weak and watered down.

So now we can only hope that the climate sceptics were right all along. Climate change was all a fraud and a hoax - perpetrated by a global communist conspiracy trying to rule the world. Scientists, journalists and politicians have all been corrupted by the riches and fame associated with the green lobby, and only a brave few had the intelligence and integrity to stand up to a dark and sinister industry. This fantasy scenario is right now so much better than the reality that we should all hope it's actually true.

The weight of responsibility is on climate sceptics now. I hope you are truly, truly confident in your beliefs. If you are wrong, you will go down in history as (at best) a pack of idiots and liars.

Well done. The status quo is to be preserved. It appears you have won.

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Paul Montariol on 18th December 2009:

An evidence: oil is lacking or it will be at a big price.
We must pass to new energies to have oil at a good price.

Nanne Zwagerman on 18th December 2009:

It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings, Joe. Let’s see what they come up with in the last hours or ‘overtime’ and then grade it.

Joe Litobarski on 18th December 2009:

I expect a very, very weak-voiced fat lady. But you’re right - there’s still some hope left in the box.

Adela on 18th December 2009:

‘there’s still some hope left in the box.’
Not really. Although the NGOs push as much as possible, although people cringe of every tiny apparent good news leaking from Bella Center, many have started to lose hope.

And the crappy thing is that even some officials have been discussing about traveling to Mexico & sightseeing. As if COP15 was supposed to be a (literally) cool holiday.


Adela on 19th December 2009:

I’ve reread my comment & it’s a bit confusing.
COP16 will be in Mexico (possibly next June, instead of next November - December)

And there have already been talks about prepping for the Mexican COP, as prepping for a nice holiday. And I have the feeling COP15 has been a holiday for some, too.

It’s frustrating because it’s supposed they’ve negotiated all the way from 2 years ago only to get to this washy washy blah blah.

Mike on 19th December 2009:

“This fantasy scenario is right now so much better than the reality that we should all hope it’s actually true.”

Yes, this is much better than the fantasy scenario of benevolent scientists, journalists and politicians all banding together to save the planet, who were brave enough to stand up to the dark and sinister denial machine perpetrated by the global Big Oil (aka Exxon) conspiracy. smile

You misanthropists are so mentally incapacitated you fail to perceive the world in any colour but black and white.

And when someone comes along and holds your beliefs to account with the slightest amount of scrutiny, you crumble in seconds, retreat to your computer to console yourself by staring at the hockey stick graph for hours while rocking back and forth chanting “it’s worse than we thought, it’s worse than we thought”.


Joe Litobarski on 20th December 2009:


How can we be misanthropists if we believe people are benevolent? Don’t be absurd.

Either global warming is the biggest “hoax” in the history of science or it is not. The sceptic viewpoint may have triumphed - so you’d better be right.

Mike on 21st December 2009:

Thanks for proving my point. Absolutely no cognitive ability to interpret things in any way between two extremes.

How can we be misanthropists if we believe people are benevolent?

You worship authority while condemning mankind. Like how a religous misanthropist worships God but hates man.

But since you’re so interested in conspiracies, surely it’s only then a matter of convincing you of the foul play that’s at hand.

The CRU emails have revealed how the normal conventions of the peer review process appear to have been compromised by a team* of global warming scientists, with the willing cooperation of the editor of the International Journal of Climatology (IJC), Glenn McGregor. The team spent nearly a year preparing and publishing a paper that attempted to rebut a previously published paper in IJC by Douglass, Christy, Pearson and Singer (DCPS). The DCPS paper, reviewed and accepted in the traditional manner, had shown that the IPCC models that predicted significant “global warming” in fact largely disagreed with the observational data…

Mike on 21st December 2009:

Link didn’t go through.

A Climatology Conspiracy?

Mike on 22nd December 2009:

First they came for the farmers.

Joe Litobarski on 22nd December 2009:


Sure, whatever you want. I’m pretty sure “religious misanthropy” is still a hatred of humanity, though. Scientists, journalists and politicians are human (unlike God) - so I don’t think I can be a misanthrope if I believe humans can be benevolent. If you mean I worship authority, you should have said that.

And why are you making comparisons to the Nazis? “First they came for the farmers?” Is this Godwin’s law?

You’ve won, Mike. Climate hippies are the underdogs now, apparently. We should be the first ones making Nazi references online - and you should be accusing us of gross insensitivity and of taking things out of proportion.

Mike on 22nd December 2009:

And why are you making comparisons to the Nazis?

Got a problem with learning from history’s mistakes?

Perhaps you should look into the 40 million children that are dead from malaria thanks to the ban on DDT by your enviromental predecessors?

Do your comments somehow absolve the actions of government to forcefully confiscate (read: steal) 109 million hectares of land without compensation so the leader can gloat at Copenhagen? After Rudd ratified the Kyoto Protocol, the first thing he did was go after the farmers. Not to mention that these so-called carbon sinks, aren’t! A bushfire will come along sooner or later and release all of that stored CO2 back into the atmosphere.

My paraphrasing of Pastor Martin Niemöller is entirely justified and appropriate within this context.

We should be the first ones making Nazi references online

Don’t worry, you’ve been falsely calling us “deniers” for years, you beat us to it a long time ago.

Climate hippies are the underdogs now

You brought it upon yourselves. Trumpeting your green horn all these years only impresses for so long. Your movement could have been open, honest and rational, but no. Fear and doomsaying, pre-empting debate with shameless rhetorical exaggerations repeated ad-infinitum and stifling your critics were far more important.

Vitezslav Kremlik on 22nd December 2009:

You’ve won, Mike. Climate hippies are the underdogs now, apparently

It’s so good to hear.

Considering that there were only two akeptics in this competiton (Me, Eamon) plus a few outsider-guests like Mike (thanks Mike)... It is a great result.

We are the Victors for now…. Oh, did I mention that my first name ethymology means Victor?

Vitezslav Kremlik on 22nd December 2009:

If someone really cares for our climate, there is no reason to feel desperate. If CO2 somehow manages to cause warming (which I doubt), we will have PLENTY OF DECADES of time to solve it, before the warming has any detrimental effects. It hasn’t had any so far at least (see my post about 2012)

So keep it cool. Don’t worry, be happy.

Mike on 23rd December 2009:

A simple typo produces a massive error in the IPCC report. Do they correct it? No. They’re too arrogant for that. They go so far as to silence anyone that says otherwise.

By the way, there will still be glaciers in the Himalayas in 2035

2 + 2 = 5 in action.

Marc on 05th May 2010:

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