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Hungary’s Krishna Eco-Valley on COP16

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"The Eco-Valley Foundation and Sustainability Sciences Research Institute—a non-profit organization run by ISKCON devotees in Hungary—received an invitation from the United Nations this September 20th for the COP16 Climate Summit from November 29th to December 10th in Cancun, Mexico.

The Eco-Valley Foundation (EVF) collects and propagates knowledge about economic, environmental and social issues, and helps people to start and maintain sustainable communities.

Chairman Radha Krishna Dasa is also part of Hungary’s most successful eco-village—ISKCON’s Krishna Valley.

“We want to create a universally adoptable blueprint for living,” he says. “At the heart of this is developing the understanding that we are part of God’s creation, and not the ruler of it. Doing this will inspire us to live in harmony with our surroundings, and to embrace sustainable living.”

Radha Krishna further explains: “There should be three things in a sustainable society: a temple, a school and a place to get together. On a broader level, a temple means that there should be a goal of life that the community is all working to achieve. School doesn’t necessarily mean formal education: it refers to practical life skills such as how to grow crops, how to take care of cows, how to clean your clothes, how to cook, how to build and repair homes, etc. And a place to get together – such togetherness makes people happy, and we would like to see everyone happy.”

EVF has already been busy propagating its message on a major scale: it is affiliated with eight Hungarian universities, and has connections with two more in India and Dubai. It is currently running four scientific research programs, tutoring 32 university student dissertations, and just drew 480 participants to its annual sustainability conference at Krishna Valley—the largest of its kind in Hungary. In addition, Radha Krishna Dasa made 73 presentations around the world within the last year, speaking to university students, scholars, and professionals in India, Dubai, the USA, Sweden, and Denmark.

With the invitation to COP16, however, the Eco-Valley Foundation will get the chance to present its message to some of the world’s biggest decision-makers."

(Extracts from orig. article at ISCKON. Source:

At the beginnings in 1994:

and now:

I still remember for my 3 years vegetarian diet, (I did it long time ago in the '90s.) I really enjoyed it, and especially for the period when my young cousin Tünde joined the Hungarian Krishna community in Debrecen. First we were afraid but after we saw she brings home only good things, really tasty new refreshing good food recipes and quite environmental friend healthy ideas we accepted her new faith. Which was always bit strange it is the lot of Indian dresses, festivals, dances and scented incense. The house was always full of myrrh and sandal wood scent. Later on she also spent a longer time in the starting so called Hungarian Krishna Valley at Somogyvamos: I visited here there. It was looking like an Indian monastery of monks and nurses (Full eco-bio, sterile, sin free place.). But anyhow it was nice to see how they built up a full green homestead agro economy. As I see for now they improved and changed a lot but still teaching the people how to live in peace with the environment how to keep sustainability and to keep clean our body and mind.

Well, I think they are teaching really good eco things for all the people either they believe in Krishna or has other faith, So: Hare Krishna!




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Radovana Jagrikova on 02nd November 2010:

Are there no public negative reactions from people with different religious views? These ideas are quite universal, e.g. the three elements of sustainable society; however, a lot of activities based on any religion are a sensitive issue…

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