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Helping The World Grow More With Less

Published 27th October 2010 - 0 comments - 4731 views -

Agriculture, especially horticulture green house vegetable and fruit growing becoming more an more profitable as population is growing.

population versus natural resources

Resources are limited growing costs (energy, fertilizers, water, etc.) are constantly increasing.

food supply

Demand and price of fresh vegetables and fruits are constantly increasing.


energy supply

Due to the climate change, bad weather conditions more and more crops are grown in green houses.


With proper usage and smart combination of bio-energy, geothermal energy sources, fertilization, irrigation and green house technology growers can produce more with less and work with nature and not against it.

working with nature not against it

growing solutions

Israeli green house company Netafim (invented first the drip irrigation in the ‘60s) trying to teach the growers world wide how to “grow more with less” and supply them with the most innovative and environmental friend green house technology for a better sustainable future in horticulture. For more info you can visit Netafim at:

growing natural




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