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How are you Europe? Can you recover?

Published 20th October 2011 - 0 comments - 1290 views -

We are facing these days a never seen EU and EURO financial, economical and social crisis due to several factors like China economy impact, weakness of certain EU countries' economy, industry, high autocracy, bureaucracy, high spending, high indebtedness, overall observable dramatically increase of living costs, energy costs, almost everything, while salaries, incomes are standing on the same historical level and trade margins are getting thinner and thinner.

We are suffering in these days from the never seen high EUR and CHF exchange rates versus CEEU currencies from a dangerous devaluation. We feel that some powers behind are using our economies like puppets in a very bad nightmare circus. The continuous restrictions, raising prices and overall financial crisis block and slow down the EU economies import export trading and will cause tremendous problems and does not lead us to a bright future.



Governments are launching newer and newer taxes, cost increases, cuts, and restrictions almost each day in order to save the countries from the danger of national bankruptcy. But the big money disappearing in the big hat and savings are also disappearing due to the currency devaluations and costs and prices overall increasing so no one is able to decrease the depths and step out from the credit hook. Modern capitalism and bank system has fallen. I think pumping more money into the existing banks does not help at all. This is the worst what we can do. Germany and other EU member states spent already too much money to save economies like Portugal and Greece and as we can see it did not help problems are getting worst. The root of the sickness is the oil and carbon dependent economy and the related monetary, bank and stock exchange system especially the monetary trading so the money itself does not help this system any more it is only oil for the fire. For now it is quite clear that stock exchange and trading with money currencies (Forex...) like with apples is not healthy idea. System is sick. Few earn and gain a lot but we the masses are loosing our pants at the end.



I think these all you know and feel the over all bad atmosphere.

This week end our high level EU leaders are going to meet in Brussels and try to find out what would be the best balm elixir to prevent EU from the misery. I am afraid, crisis escalating faster than the decisions makers

Seems that hot issues of climate change, global warming, great ideas and urgent tasks regarding climate finance, alternative energy technology, UNFCC, Kyoto Protocol negotiations are a bit falling from our daily top agenda while exactly these new policies, technologies and especially a strong binding comprehensive climate agreement would lead us out from the current money and oil misery situation. This will be the elixir for the current problems. But as we leave sickness to develop treatment will be also long and losses are significant.

Waiting for your think tank ideas. Big brother is listening and I am sure we are better in initiations.



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