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Hillary Clinton’s Little Ray of Solar Sunshine

Published 07th November 2010 - 2 comments - 1453 views -

Solar Research Boost

Hillary Clinton has come to Australia for talks about foreign relations, defence and security. However, the new Republican dominated U.S. House of Representatives makes top-down legislation nigh on impossible, so climate change action demands other strategies:

Australia and the United States will embark on a joint solar power research program in a bid to drive down the cost of the technology. Prime Minister Julia Gillard and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the announcement in Melbourne on Sunday, with the Australian government set to commit up to $50 million towards the program.

Science Wars

If the threatened House committee to investigate climate science 'fraud' eventuates, then there should be more science to demonise:

Ms Clinton also announced up to 15 additional Fulbright Scholarships would be awarded over the next three years for studies into climate change and energy.
Australia-US in solar research pact

(Photo: The Australian newspaper online)

Combating Pessimism

Some cynics have suggested that the $50 million is less than the cost of her trip to Australia.

For her country's No.1 diplomat, Hillary was very frank about the impact of US politics:

HILLARY Clinton has urged countries to find ways to tackle climate change despite the Obama administration's decision to drop plans for an emissions trading scheme. The US Secretary of State said in Melbourne today that the abandonment of a cap-and-trade bill was a symptom of the US political climate and should not be a signal to other countries to follow suit.
Don't follow US on climate change: Clinton

Some Local Optimism

Also in  Australia, Climate Spectator’s  Giles Parkinson asks the question, “Can solar be cheaper than coal and gas?”

…in Germany, a new report suggests that solar could be produced, rather than just consumed, as cheaply as power from new gas and coal plants within five to eight years.
Solar as cheap as coal?

According to their website: ‘Climate Spectator is a new website that will seek to cover not just the science and politics of climate change, but also the key business parameters: the massive flows of investment expected in coming years and decades, the changing business models, the new technology, and the creation of new markets and investment propositions'.

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J.C. Moore on 08th November 2010:

Thanks for the article. Just recently, the American Geophysical Union has announced the formation of a group from among its members to combat attacks upon climate science and the scientists. I hope it works as no scientist should have to stand alone against a well funded and politically motivated attack on his research.

Kevin Rennie on 08th November 2010:

It’s very instructive to read the comments on the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism’s George Munster Award Forum. The forum provocative topic: Has the scientific consensus about the increasing scale and pace of climate change rendered traditional journalistic concepts of fairness and balance obsolete?

It certainly provoked online listeners. You can listen to it here and read the many vilifying responses.

Doubtless the AGU group will be attacked mercilessly by their opponents.

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