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Green Monkey saves the Kids Day

Published 01st November 2009 - 2 comments - 3140 views -

Do you think kids` ecomagazine can changes the education? Will see that soon in BG.

Mogi - the Green Monkey” is the first Bulgarian copyright painted green magazine. Its first issue appeared on 20th October.

It is one of those vivid painted magazines, which doesn`t mean that is just for fun like Mickey Mouse. No, it has educational issue for children between 4-9 years and their parents. Its mission is to teach the children to know and love the nature, have a careful attitude towards it and themselves, to live in harmony. For that reason there are stories, curious science-facts, games and much drawing. Later they will be able to find new games also online for free!

The Monkey will teach the kids how to live eco-friendlier. Each issue will have a special topic, which comes from the children`s world. Their questions will find answers and explain all the strange things like why the sky is blue and where are hidden the stars during the day. The articles and games can always be read and played with the parents, which will definitely bind them a lot.

According the editors the main difference to the typical children magazines is the lack of a toy! They think that the cheap plastic toys are only bait for the small ones. They also make the magazine cost more, don`t last long and the most of the children forget quickly about them after they something more interesting and colorful. That is why the Mogi - the Green Monkey is so bright and varicolored. Of course the creators emphasize on the bad effect of plastic waste on the planet`s environment as another reason. The monkey believes that the kids, who are his friends are intelligent and responsible and exactly therefore they play and study each month with him. Mogi and his other animal friends offer the possibility for a really nice family time.

What for example can learn your children in the next issue:

  • How you can follow the birds in the sky with a binoculars – a fledglings` lesson.
  • What kind of songs the different flying friends sing and why some of them are so smaller then others.
  • Where and why fly the birds in the autumn. Of course it is explained how people can fly too.
  • They can color a variety of animals` species, so that they can learn how to recognize them. You can try here! Just print it and give it to your child.

  • They will find an amazing poem.
  • They can learn how to be in balance with the nature by practicing yoga. And of course – what is yoga
  • Who loves to fly, can learn how to construct a kite with dad.

It`s interesting that the team, which is behind the magazine, has thought for the Bulgarian families abroad. They can subscribe for few euros even from Australia and China! However I believe, the start price is too high for the crisis time.

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Poli on 01st November 2009:

Soooo cute smile I’ll send this to my friends !!!

Lucy Setian on 02nd November 2009:

hihih smile It`s sweet teacher, but I prefer chickens!

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