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GMO’s As Food Security Opportunity in Africa?

Published 29th October 2010 - 1 comments - 1158 views -

Cotton, rice, maize resistant to insects and pesticides, poultry and cattle breeding in a high frequency, these are miracles of biotechnology that appeal. These methods modify organisms by transgenesis by the insertion into the genome, of one or more genes to give new Genetically Modified Organisms.

And as seen on the African continent including the East African and Subsaharan, children who are severely malnourished and starving people, the temptation is huge. In fact, GMOs offer interesting perspectives in the field of food security. Thus, from biotechnology, we could use land currently unsuitable for agriculture by simply adapting crops to an acidic or alkaline soil.

This would also produce more without depleting the soil or can permit intensive agriculture. Some plants may also be modified in the way of a better use of soil water. Many perspectives that encourage in one hand while the controversy over the risks associated with the consumption of GMOs remain a hot topic in the other hand. But, that latter possibility do not interested Africans at all. How can an African complain about dietary toxicity while people dying of hunger? For Africans, the GMO debate is almost simple: in a continent where hunger is a reality, this is the only way to substantially increase agricultural productivity and thus ensure food security to the people.

According to experts, Africa in 2025 will exceed 1.2 billion people. The continent will increase its current production of 10 to 12 times to face the needs of this population.

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Syamsul Asinar on 02nd November 2010:

Food security? Rrr…

the facts, GMO’s kill local farmers independence… and make local seed extinct

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