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Warning; this site contains material that is adult in nature!

EVEN Wikipedia accepts them!?

Fuckforforest is an alternative non-profit eco organization.

Maybe like those from the 60es, but its more like sex, trees and eco porno concerts. Tommy and Leona are the two people, started this porno ecological project.

According to them, they are „sexual open-minded people who care about the environment”. This shall mean kind of an idealistic work and activism, using the power and freedom of sexuality to go against the destroying of nature. The website contains activist nude photos and sex videos (clean porno!).

They do performances, both on the Internet and in public places. This is a whole new vision of making…art. I am a bit of a scared after researching the whole story around them. Actually they do have a lot of fans worldwide – you can understand that by the YouTube videos, FLICKR photos and articles in famous media websites. It seems that the climate change has washed out the brain and changed it too by creating a new wave of people, searching for extreme paths for the problem solving. 

“Fuckforforest shows how sexuality can be nice, funny and political. Our goal is to save nature, but it is also important for us to show the beauty of natural sexuality.” I am astounted what has the ecology to do with the sex! Maybe it is the proper marketing strategy but nothing more, like “After FFFers made orgy in the Amazon Rain Forest, it is now called Amazon Fuck Forest”.

“We believe that through a better relationship to our spiritual and sexual body, we can change the reality around us. So open-minded sexual behavior is a great way for us to achieve our goals, and at the same time have a great life. Not everything that is political or meaningful has to be boring,” explain the strange ecologists.

Does it actually work…

…for the nature, not only for the spectators?

The last year they collected over $120.000 to save threatened environments. Now out of the $15 it cost to become a FFF member, they use $3 to administrate their website, which looks like a porno website of metal group making black magics.

The remaining $12 are for the nature, they explain. The activists are now hard “sexing” to improve this. FFF has about 1000 monthly members. And much more in their Facebook group.

The Norwegian rainforest foundation said yes to accept donations from FFF at first. Later they turned when FFF got too rough. The WWF in both Norway and the Netherlands also refused donations. Now FFF starts its own projects- At first in Ecuador, helping the indigenous tribe, the Shuar, with reforestation projects. They also have a project in Costa Rica where they buy land and make protected areas. Until now they have bought over 55 hectares that is now protected.


I am not very aware of how wild roses grow, but though, I believe I am too conservative to accept such nature saving strategy. Maybe in their idealistic world COP15 seems like a bunch of penguins, who try to bubble around.

I actually like order in things. So, making sex with animals, more then one person or in front of a public, which pays to see how all of this works, is not exactly my vision of a greening planet.

But after all, there are another green sexologists except the FFF-ers. For example the blogger Jonathon Morgan gives a lot of advices how to make your sex greener…PETA uses also the SEX for their planet saving reasons. Maybe their actions are shown a bit more "normal" way.

So, what the hell…we can also show some skin for the nature.

PETA imagination for HOT bunnies from Lucy Setian on Vimeo.

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Lovorka on 20th October 2009:

Look at naked Dita Von Tees makes me more depressed and leave me wondering how can she look so good and I can’t than it provokes me to go veg.
And guys at FFT makes me lough especially when they f* in front of Knut to provoke him matting that was hilarious smile

bill on 20th October 2009:

admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and have my children check up here often. I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

Joe Litobarski on 20th October 2009:

Free cams… I have to question the moral judgement of a “person” that would read about eco-porn and then immediately send for their children.

Silly bot.

Daniel on 21st October 2009:

Hahahah, I didn’t know they still exist.

I remember their first appearance on a norwegian rock festival in 2004. IT was a huuuuge scandal, since national TV was filming it, and the audience was very young and completely unprepared.

The serious question is - do they use porn to raise eco-awarenes, or do they use eco-awareness to improve the image of the porn industy? At the end of the day, I think they are just pranksters, and quite funny smile

anima-libera on 25th October 2009:

If I found that i could offer my services to women younger / more beautiful than me to save the planet.. then I would be the first to ermm FULLY participate in erm ‘donations’..As it is I might have to set up an alternative website for us older hippies, called erm..‘Masturbate for Wildlife’...

Intelligent lovely work Lucy ...(do you do ‘flirt for the forest’ in your spare time…?)

..first ‘68 then ‘77 then ‘89 and sex is still happening with radical action….NICE smile

Lucy Setian on 25th October 2009:

Dear Martin (anima-libera), unfortunetly I try to solve the eco problems only as an involved in media person. Maybe you can share with us what do you do in EcoFund? You have a lot of protected areas in Queensland, so you may contact the FFF ;D

anima-libera on 25th October 2009:

Queensland….ahh Queen…great mineral rock band.. :D

thats an ultra fast reply..lucy i just sent a mail to your fb about other Bulgarian eco issues


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