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Environmental Education for Climate Change Adaptation

Published 01st November 2010 - 1 comments - 2256 views -

Climate change is perhaps the greatest social and environmental challenge facing humanity in XXI century. The magnitude of the environmental problem posed by climate change, which we are witnessing in recent decades, it must develop and implement programs education, awareness and communication about it and its effects, to facilitate access to information to the entire society and promoting public participation in developing responses.

The treatment of climate change on the part of environmental education can considered relatively new, although air pollution first, and energy and their impacts, then, were already addressed almost since the beginning of the Environmental Education, it must be the awareness, scientific first, then social policy and on the importance of this subject, for incorporation strongly to the Environmental Education.

Aspects of Environmental Education has its specific development in the Framework Convention Climate Change through Article 6 of the Convention, which under the title "Education, Training and Public Awareness", presents a set of approaches that are put into effect the commitments of the Parties on these issues.

But the truth is that until the fall of 2002 has not implemented the work plan developed by the Article 6 had been expressed earlier in the Conferences of the Parties, that the article should

Become a substantive item Program of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice, creating sites Web and information services, specialized centers, enabling actions education and awareness about Climate Change.

Environmental education has to play an essential role in the fight against climate change, since the challenge we face not only technological, but social and educational. To overcome barriers to knowledge and action that climate change poses the company to acquire social representations adapted to the reality and rich need to Environmental Education (education, communication and participation), to develop strategies and tools

effective and useful.

At the same time, it must not overestimate the role of Environmental Education's ability to solve the problem. It is a tool that should have the will, determination and the realization on the political, financial, regulatory, cooperation, development and technology.

The issue of climate change offers extraordinary opportunities to be addressed by globalizing Environmental Education, which must be seized by a party to treat from the complexity and interdisciplinarity.

So air pollution, the efficient and energy saving, the relationship between local and global environmental problems, the need for solidarity between developed countries (main producers of the problem) and developing countries (the main victims of consequences of climate change) ... are key issues to be developed.


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