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Energy saving tips!

Published 09th November 2009 - 8 comments - 1047 views -

Lately was browsing the European Commission's website video section and was indeed surprised that the most watched videos were those related to the climate change with the second most viewed video was the hereunder.

It is a classical animated cartoon without words. It provides practical saving tips! 



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Adela on 09th November 2009:

I don’t know if you know the show, but this cartoon reminds me of ‘Lolek & Bolek’ - an animation from my childhood, 2 brothers (a blond, chubby one & a dark haired slimmer one) who had all kind of adventures.

Keith Demicoli on 09th November 2009:

Adela, you’re right! Coming to think of it, its like a childhood cartoon though I have never seen this ‘Lolek & Bolek’!

Adela on 09th November 2009:

I’m not 100% sure about the name but I found some YouTube videos with Lolek & Bolek cartoons.

Federico Pistono on 11th November 2009:

Very nice! ^_^

Lucy Setian on 11th November 2009:

hehe sweet

Aija Vanaga on 11th November 2009:

This is nice one smile

Paul Montariol on 04th December 2009:

Our minds are changing: that is the best thing we must remain!

Energy Conservation Tips on 06th December 2009:

I think it makes perfect sense for businesses to make these decisions themselves for the purpose of saving money.  I don’t think it makes sense for the government to impose new taxes to combat “climate change” when it has recently become clear the scientists claiming global warming exists have a clear profit interest and have been manipulating the data.

This article is archived. Comments are closed.