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Green Porno 3: Eco SEX replaces the Cama Sutra

Published 09th October 2009 - 8 comments - 23693 views -

Eco sex replaces Cama Sutra. Especially hot, green and liquidly.

Isabella Rossellini has established herself as the world's most prominent porn artist specializing in the lusty behavior of bugs, barnacles, shrimps and starfishes.

Green Porno is a series of short films on animal sexual behaviour. The first of the three seasons began in 2008. They currently air on The Sundance Channel, which is the official website of the cool porno. The last season is accompanied by a tie-in book.

“The title, Green echoes the ecological movement of today and our interest in nature, and Porno alludes to the racy ways bugs,

insects and other creatures have sex, if human, these acts would not be allowed to air on television. They would be considered most filthy and obscene, ” says the press presentation.

"Green Porno" short films have become a web sensation. It has picked up two Webby Awards, for best individual performance and best experimental series. The 1-minute clips were actually mentioned for the small screens of mobile phones, iPods and laptops. It is conceived, written, and directed by the Italian actress, which is daughter of the famous director Roberto Rossellini.

They offer a little bit of backstage voyeurism about the reproductive habits of insects and ocean life It is a clever dose of low-budget filmmaking that takes its cue from old-fashioned arts and crafts classes.

Rossellini appears in costumes mostly made of paper, staring in bemusement at the camera as she shows off makeshift versions of some of the species' gargantuan sexual apparatus. I love such creative ideas, which can demonstrate a passion of the topic.

The actress starts off by musing about the many penises that exist on the Earth (also exceptional recreated with paper), and then dips into the sexual appetites and practices of whales, starfish, limpets, anglerfish, and barnacles. There's the decapitation by way of the mantis, the broken-off penis of the bee and more mating rituals that make human romps seem downright boring.

Do you feel more human now?


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Ivan Yosifov on 09th October 2009:

Порно с гадинки XD

Vanderhaeghen on 10th October 2009:

haha, 215 views. You’re record-setter smile

Abhishek Nayak on 12th October 2009:

I’m sure its because it has the words ‘porn’ and ‘sex’ :D

Climate change is now sexy! I love the videos.

Loren on 14th October 2009:

Cool videos! I`ll like to see more of them!! I haven`t seen such thing even on Discovery channel haha

Mister Devil on 02nd November 2009:

=)) =)) =)) Funny as hell!

Lucy Setian on 02nd November 2009:

Thanks wink

Ivan Markovich on 15th November 2009:

Cool & Sexy wink Thanks for sharing!

Lucy Setian on 15th November 2009:


This article is archived. Comments are closed.